The Second Great War and other stories

The Second Great War: Chapter 1: Hob's Fall

The village of Hob’s Fall has never fought in any wars, rarely even sent soldiers to any. The single skirmish the men of Hob’s Fall took part in during the Great War didn’t even register on anyone else’s notes – though stories of it have circulated throughout the village, and the Gobrey only keeps the fight in peoples’ mind.

Regardless of that, the village has been quiet for centuries, ever since Hob’s fall. The curse Hob the Goblin placed upon the village has been almost entirely forgotten…and no one, not even the wisest sage, would predict that it would soon be fulfilled.

Regardless, each of you has felt the need to arm yourselves this day, though you can’t exactly say why.

Maybe it’s because the weekly trade caravan is already an hour overdue.

Maybe it’s because the monthly visit from Border Knight Aemaea is a full day overdue, and she is never late. She’s rarely even on time.

Or maybe it’s just a feeling that things are about to come crashing down around your ears.

Whatever your reason, today you absentmindedly (or purposefully) brought weapons along with you when you left your home.

For Keaton Thornbush, that turned out to be a good thing already, as he ran into a band of orcs within the outer edges of the Dark Forest – even Ellynn never traveled deeper than half a mile into the Forest, and she made sure to tell Keaton of the horror known as the Klg’dk before the orcs cut her down. Keaton is just emerging from the Forest to the southwest, after having buried Ellynn.

As Gobrey plays with the younger children, he can’t help but be distracted by the fact that his mentor, Boddynock Roondar Namfoddle, is still a day late, along with the rest of the trade caravan. The comedic play meant for last night has been put off, and one thing that Gobrey loves is to make others laugh.

Thrush works in the field, two knives in his belt, though he hardly remembers placing them there this morning.

At first, no one notices the new figures coming out of the woods to the northeast, near the mountains.

It isn’t until they have completely left the woods behind and entered Karsh Volden’s potato fields that his family even realizes they are there.

Karsh himself steps to meet the strangers, but then the lead figure throws back its hood.

It is a hobgoblin.

Karsh attempts to fight with his staff, but the hobgoblin takes only seconds to slice his head clean off.

The rest of his family screams and starts running.

It is at this point that you – and the rest of the village – realize what is happening.

KILL THEM ALL!” the hobgoblin leader shouts, and the others throw back their hoods and draw blades. One draws a bow instead.

You quickly size up the situation, and note that only the Volden family – two children, Karsh’s newly-widowed wife, and their teenaged son – is close enough to the hobgoblins to be in any real danger.

[OOC: Keaton, you are about 200 feet away. Gobrey and Thrush can be anywhere they like, but no closer than 30 feet. I will get a map up tomorrow, probably.]


With all the tension in the air that day, Gobrey found himself feeling a little more paranoid than he normally did on an average day. Even while playing with the little kids and making them laugh with his self humiliating stunts, he kept his head on a constant swivel.
It is due to that instinct he had spotted the outsiders coming into the Volden’s family farm. He decided he would great them, as he had recently decided to be the village’s very own welcoming commity.

Then he saw something that he knew he would never unsee in his life. Something he knew would plague his dreams for longer than he would wish. He saw Karsh Volden, the man who had attempted to end his life as a baby, the man who had latter taught him what it meant to be a man in an unkind world, a man he respected. He saw that man get his head cut clean off of his shoulders. The image of the head rolling towards Gobrey, eyes empty of all life, nearly made him sick.

Gobrey didn’t allow that to happen, though!

Sure, he was not the best fighter, or even close for that matter, but he knew he had to help. Karsh was like an uncle to him and he would not allow him to be put down like a common farm animal.

Gobrey decided to fight back in the best way he knew how, with comedy.

Running into the field within 20-ft. of the Hobgoblins while wearing his jesters uniform, clad with wrist and ankle bracelets adorned with brass bells, he began a routine. Unknown to the Hobgoblins, Gobrey had woven a subtle magic into his words. A magic that would lower the guard of the Hobgoblins into intense fascination.

He began a small bouncing dance, allowing the bells on his outfit to ring in time with the rhythmic speech in his native Goblin language:
“‘’mus’ du uun ommuk’ dnu’m’nk! O’s Gobrey ut O’s r’n’ vun ouun ’d’nduos’d! Ru’ ouu ‘’n ’ut’n’t ru’ u Pukp’un kud odk us’? Uou’? Od’k uuk’ dr’o g’bd u pukkok ‘’nou’ ut u u’ uumt P’UN dr’s!!! Rururu, O’’ kud u sommou zukd mog’ drud!”

Which translates to:
“Welcome to our village travelers! I’m Gobrey and I’m here for your entertainment! Have you ever wondered how a Bugbear got its name? Anyone? It’s cause they kept on bugging everyone and no one could BEAR them!!! Hahaha, I’ve got a million just like that!”

begin classs skill Jester’s Performance: Fascinate. Each Hobgoblin within 90-ft. of Gobrey must make a Will save DC: 14. If they fail, they sit on the ground to watch my performance taking no other action as long as i continue the performance. they all become flatfooted, loosing any bonus from Dexterity and gain a -4 penalty to all skill checks made as reactions, such as Spot and Listen, any obvious threat like a weapon being readied by a sighted foe will break fascination. This lasts for 1 round at current level if not broken prior.


Initiative roll of 18+2=20


Keaton is holding Nascha in his right hand, stroking a small light brown owl with his left hand as he hears the battle cries. Standing up, lifting his right arm up in the, as if to signal to the owl to fly, says, “An I wiya! Nascha, an I wiya!” [If you speak Elvish, he said “To the air, Nascha, to the air!”]

Initiative roll of 2+2=4


Thrush sees Gobrey begin his routine. Familiar with his friend’s magiks, he begins to head around the perimeter, hoping to flank his opponents and gain a sneak attack if they become mesmerized by Gobrey.

Initiative roll:
Roll: 1d20
plus 4

Hide roll, if possible (i.e. he hasn’t been spotted yet):
Roll: 1d20
plus 8


20 Gobrey
17 Hobgoblin Adept
13 Thrush
13 Hobgoblin Warriors (2)
12 Hobgoblin Archer
4 Keaton

Gobrey begins his song-and-dance routine. Sadly, only one of the hobgoblins is fool enough to be caught up in his work, but the children he was entertaining are stupefied, trying to figure out what he’s thinking. On the bright side, the other hobgoblins are still distracted, even if not to the same extent.

The rear-most hobgoblin stops and begins to chant, waving his arms.

Thrush is unnoticed in the general fracas as he moves to intercept. (He has been spotted, but no one is paying him any attention, even while he moves. Surprise will be total.)

One hobgoblin slowly sits on the ground, jaw agape, as if he can’t believe what he’s seeing. Another doesn’t even notice, and turns towards Gobrey, abandoning his previous targets.

The hobgoblin archer casually draws his bow and releases, and Karsh’s teenaged son, one of Gobrey’s bullies for as long as anyone can remember, drops lifelessly to the ground. His mother stops, and against all reason cradles her dying son in her arms, tears in her eyes, oblivious to the rest of the world.


Though he was a bully, he still never wanted to see Karsh’s son be killed. He had to help keep the rest of the family safe!

Knowing he has not yet figured how to chain jokes well enough to keep people consistently interested, Gobrey feels that it is time to exercise some of the magic that was taught to him by Boddynock Roondar Namfoddle. Seeing that a Hobgoblin in the rear is beginning to cast a spell, Gobrey decides to try to interrupt him before he can let lose whatever devastation it is planning!

Gobrey casts a level-0 spell, Daze. Will DC: 13. If successful, target is dazed and will not act for 1 round, stopping any action in progress. Effective on creatures of 4HD and lower


(@Lars who is up next? The Hobgoblin Adept?)


Gobrey’s spell disrupts the hobgoblin’s spell, dazing him for this round.

The hobgoblin adept is dazed for the round, but recovers.

Thrush is next.


Thrush will sneak up behind one of the non dazzled Hobgoblins and throw a dagger at him,

Thrush, thrown dagger, close range, surprise:
Roll: 1d20
plus 4

If a hit, damage:
Roll: 1d4
Roll: 1d6


The closer hobgoblin warrior drops, a knife embedded in his back. He doesn’t get up. The other spins, hearing the noise, and spots Thrush, rushing at him with his blade. Thrush sidesteps the swing by only a hairsbreadth (13 vs. AC).

The hobgoblin archer vacillates for a moment, unsure who to target, then decides on Gobrey. He fires, and the arrow slams right into Gobrey’s shoulder (5 damage).

Keaton is up next.


“What was that?!” Gobrey shouts to the Hobgoblin that just missed Thrush. “Old Lady Alma could have hit him with that attack, and she only has one leg! Did you all see that?!? Hahaha!!!”

as a free/swift action, Gobrey enacts class skill Inspiring Quip, giving a +2 moral bonus to attack rolls to all allies within 30-ft. of myself against the Hobgoblin that just missed. This bonus lasts until the end of the encounter, even if I become unconscious. This does not count as my turn as it is a free actions


[Not certain where we are in the order of the first round, but when it is Keaton’s turn, he will use all of his actions to rush forward, as he was 200 feet away and out of sling range. He is asking Nascha to attack a hobgoblin archer. I forgot to bring my character sheet with me on vacation, which is where I have Nascha’s stats (forgot to put her stats on the obsidianportal character sheet). I did roll an 18 (unmodified for Nascha) so if that hits (again no knowing from memory if she has any pluses or minuses) just let me know. I think her damage was 1d4…. I rolled 3 if that is the case. When I get home, I will updated my sheet with her info)


(OOC @Soulkrist giving Thrush a +2 Cool!!)


[Don’t worry about missing a roll, or a bonus, or anything like that – I can handle it. I will also roll any secret rolls for you – there haven’t been any yet, but it will come up.]

Keaton runs forward as his owl charges down at the unfortunate goblin archer, who doesn’t even notice the owl out in the daytime until she rakes his face.

d20 = 18 + 5 bonus = 23, hit.
d4 = 3 – 3 = 1 damage.

[Soulkrist, FYI using Inspring Quip is an immediate action, according to the Dragon Compendium. Since you probably won’t have any use for the swift action in the near future, the only thing you need to worry about for now is that you can only use it once per round.]

[Also, you only get one use of your Jester’s Performance abilities per day per class level (1st), which means you only get 1/day. You already used Fascinate, so you’ll have to wait until tomorrow to use another. Sorry. Of course, taunting is still a free action, it just doesn’t have any game effect.]

Gobrey is up next.

20 Gobrey
17 Hobgoblin Adept
13 Thrush
13 Hobgoblin Warrior
12 Hobgoblin Archer
4 Keaton


(My bad, forgot it was considers a performance)


Feeling scared for his life from the violent assault given by the archer, as well as the growing hate for him for having slayed Karsh’s son, Gobrey moves towards the archer within 15-ft. and viciously hurls a metallic dart towards the archer!

throw dart
d20+4 = 17
if hit


Gobrey hits, and the archer is clearly out of his depth, what with an owl and a goblin attacking him, and another man (Thrush) coming after him from one side.

The adept casts a spell on Gobrey, perceiving him as the bigger threat.

Gobrey, make a Will save.

Thrush is up next.


Will Save roll d20+2=15


Success! Gobrey is only shaken for 1 round as horrible images soar through his head.


Thrush moves up to the archer and attacks with a dagger in each hand (he has quick draw, weapon fineese, and two weapon fighting):

1st attack:
Roll: 1d20
plus 2 net

2nd attack:
Roll: 1d20
plus 2 net

damage roll, second attack:
Roll: 1d4


[I know the hobgolins go next but I figured I would post my action now as I will not have internet access until Sunday night.]

Since Keaton was 200 feet away and he moves at 30 feet per round normal (and, from memory 60 feet per round if running and using both movement and standard action) that means he still has another round or two at least of running to get into melee range (depending on whether the hobgoblins are moving towards him). So he continues to run, drawing his scimitar as he runs. He will yell for Nascha to continue to attack a hobgoblin [rolling an 17+5=22 to hit and, assuming that is a hit, rolling 2 for damage.


[That’s fine.]

Thrush steps over and stabs out at the archer, who doubles over and sinks slowly to the ground.

The warrior swings at Thrush, but this time isn’t even close (9 vs. AC).

Keaton is running, and arrives within range for next round.

[While your speed is 30 ft., and a double move would give you only 60 ft. of movement, you can run as a full-round action, which allows you to move quadruple your speed (triple if wearing heavy armor), which boosts your movement to 120 ft. per round, bringing you within range for next turn.]

Gobrey is next.

20 Gobrey
17 Hobgoblin Adept
13 Thrush
13 Hobgoblin Warrior
4 Keaton


Nascha rakes the adept’s face. (22 hits, 2 – 3 = 1 damage.)


Shaken by this sudden burst of mental horror, Gobrey works to steady his hand and gather his thoughts to throw another dart but begins to doubt his ability to overcome the horrid feeling. Believing he would miss another attempt with a dart, he decides to fight fire with fire. Or,in this case, magic with magic!

Gobrey casts a level-0 spell, Daze, at the Hobgoblin Adept. Will DC: 13. If successful, target is dazed and will not act for 1 round, stopping any action in progress. Effective on creatures of 4HD and lower


The adept again reels back, dazed.

Thrush is next.


Thrush will stab twice at the Hobgoblin Warrior who struck at him.

Attack rolls:
Roll: 1d20
Roll: 1d20
both plus 2 net

Critical Confirm roll:
Roll: 1d12
2 plus 2 net
4 No Critical

Damage rolls:
Roll: 1d4
Roll: 1d4
5 net damage


seeing Keaton is nearby, Gobrey shouts as a free action
“Keaton, I’m hurt! Any chance you can spare me some healing like when I hurt my arm last year?”


[Thrush, you rolled a d12 for your critical confirmation instead of a d20. Why don’t you try that again? I’ve always ruled that rolling the wrong die makes it a reroll.]


lol, so I did. That’s what I get for not paying attention.

Critical Confirmation roll:
Roll: 1d20
7 plus 2 net
still no crit


The warrior is bleeding pretty badly, but still apparently wants to fight. He takes yet another swing at Thrush, this time nearly dropping his sword into the dirt when he misses (natural 1).

Keaton is up.

4 Keaton
Round 3
20 Gobrey
17 Hobgoblin Adept
13 Thrush
13 Hobgoblin Warrior


(OOC despite their brutality, Thrush takes a moment to pity the Hobgoblins.)


Keaten, who had drawn his scimitar enters the melee, following his sprint from the prior round. Arriving in the fray, he swings wildly at a Hobgoblin [rolled a 14 and I have no bonuses to hit].

Nascha, flies around the head of adept as well, trying to claw him. [rolled a 19 +8=27. Damage roll was 2-3 (per the owl claw attack)=1? (always a minimum damage? otherwise she does no damage)


Seeing the wounds on the warrior, Gobrey decides to drop the magic and move in with another dart throw!

Move within 15-ft. of the Hobgoblin Warrior and thrust a dart
d20 = 12
+4 = 16

if hit: 1d3+1=3


(OOC, if the warrior is dead by my turn, unsure if Keaten hit, then redirect my attack towards the adept. If it is also dead by the owl…./dance and collect previously thrown dart)


Keaton’s strike glances off of the hobgoblin’s shield – so at least he’s doing something right. But this leaves him open to Gobrey’s dart, which catches him just below the jaw and drops him to the ground, twitching.

Nascha rakes the adept’s face for another point of damage. [Yes, it’s always at least 1 damage, unless damage reduction is involved, in which case it’s always at least 0 damage.]

The adept gives up casting spells to little or no effect, and closes with Thrush, stabbing at him with his dagger and missing by six inches (2 vs. AC)

Thrush is next.

13 Thrush
4 Keaton
Round 4
20 Gobrey
17 Hobgoblin Adept


Thrush stabs twice at the Adept with a fierce snarl…

Attack Rolls:
Roll: 1d20
Roll: 1d20
both plus 2 net
21 18

Damage rolls:
Roll: 1d4
Roll: 1d4
5 net


(OOC gotta upgrade to Rapiers: Thrush hits pretty well but Dagger damage is crap. Maybe some poison? :)


(OOC pretty sure a 19 roll is a threat to crit with daggers)


(LOL! You’re right! My bad, I’m still pretty new to D&D/Pathfinder!)

Crit Confirm roll:
Roll: 1d20
1 plus 2 net

3 “Negatory, Big Kahuna.”


Thrush manages to still kill the last standing hobgoblin.

[Remind me to talk to you about the effects of switching to rapier(s) later. Also, don’t forget to flank for your sneak attack bonus, which applies to every damage roll you make in a round.]

The three of you take a moment to check for other hobgoblins, and you see none. Karsh’s widow still holds her dead son in her arms, weeping.

And it is only now that others are coming to help, led by Harle, Gobrey’s mother. “What happened?” she asks, though she can clearly see the bodies.


This is of course through hugging Gobrey.


Thrush keeps quiet as he waits for Gobrey to explain, having learned over the years that communication is his friend’s strong suit.


“I don’t really know what happened, Mom.” Gobrey says softly, “I saw people coming into the village and I wanted to greet them but then one…he…he cut Karsh’s head off!!!”
Gobrey begins to cry lightly, but manages to pull himself together to explain the situation further. He chronicles the combat that just ensued, while declaring “I promise we tried our best to save everyone. I didn’t want to see anyone get hurt! Mom, where did these people come from and why did they hurt our friends?”
Though he is physically an adult, Gobrey is now showing how truly young he still is. At 9 years old, his mother and friends are able to witness that he is not taking this stress and horror well. His speech becomes only vaguely understandable as he tries to speak through gasping breaths and sobs. He burrows into his mothers arms and gives up anymore attempts of speech, waiting and hoping for a reason as to why this had to befell his village.


Keaton will search for any individuals that might be in need of healing following the attack. If he finds any he will tend to them and if necessary to save someone from death, will cast cure light wounds.


Gobrey is the only one of the three of you who was hurt, and Harle has already healed him using cure light wounds. Everyone else who was hurt has died.

Harle hugs Gobrey tighter, and says, “I wish I knew. But you did good, honey. You did good.”

Karsh’s widow looks at Harle and Gobrey with undisguised venom and hatred while still cradling her dead son in her arms, but says nothing.


no longer feeling the pain of the archers assult thanks to his mothers healing, Gobrey begins to look around in hopes of understanding the extent and reason of the recent devastation brought upon his home. He notices the venomous stare that is being shot from the, now widowed, Mrs. Volden.
“Momma, why is Mrs. Volden looking at us so meanly? I know why she’s sad, but is she mad at me that I wasn’t able to help her son in time? I promise I tried my best, mamma, I promise!”
Gobrey begins to shake lightly in sadness and fear of rejection, as well as due to the loss of people he cared about. He does not allow himself to begin crying again, but any observer would see it as obvious that he is fighting that exact notion.


Harle hugs Gobrey tighter. “I know you did.” She shoots the widow Volden a glare over his shoulder, then starts walking him towards their home. “Let’s get you cleaned up.” Before leaving she turns to Keaton and Thrush. “Thank you. Thank you both.”

Jovar Thornbush comes up, leading the rear of the militia with his scythe. He comes up and places one hand on Keaton’s shoulder. “Listen, I know we haven’t been getting along well, but I…we’re glad you’re all right.”

Thrush’s parents are with the caravan, and are not here, but his little sister comes up and gives him a hug.

One of the elders comes over and takes Karsh’s widow away, and a few others pick up her husband and son. Mrs. Volden looks fit to start screaming, but the elder leads her firmly away.


Keaton stands stoically watching it all. He raises his right hand high, and Nascha lands on his outstretched hands. He eyes Gobrey and Trush and says, “May Gaia, Mother of the Earth, bless you this day for your help in keeping the balance.” He tilts his head in acknowledgement to each of them.

Turn to the watch the widow leave, he quietly says a prayer, almost to himself, “Gaia, may you protect this widow from breaking the balance in her heart.”


While walking towards his home with his mother, Gobrey suddenly shouts to her, “Wait Momma, what about my darts? I threw two of them in the fight! Can I get them back? I don’t have many so I don’t want to lose any!”


She replies, “Of course you can, honey.” She leaves it up to Gobrey whether he gets them now or later.


Gobrey goes to grab his darts before the men of the village are able to take the Hobgoblin bodies away. He finds it odd that the dead bodies did not bother him but disregards such thoughts for the time being.


He then returns to his mother and says, “I’m tired, do you think I can go to sleep after I clean up?”


Keaton turns to the others, “I don’t think we should leave the dead hobgoblins on the ground. Come lets us either bury them or burn them. They need to be returned to the earth.”

Without waiting for help, he begins searching the bodies and dragging them into a pile to be burned.


The majority of the other villagers help Keaton get the bodies for burning.

The pyre only lasts an hour, and you all have time to catch a quick nap (we’ll call it enough to make this a “new day”) before the elder council convenes to determine what should be done.

The three of you arrive more or less at the same time, and note Karsh’s widow being taken away again, this time screaming, “I want his head! I want his head!”

As you enter the council chamber (which doubles as the armory and the constable’s office), the elders are sighing and shaking their heads.


Keaton enters, eyes searching the faces of the council. He nodding and bowing slightly, in an act of honor, Keaton enters the chamber and moves slowly to the widow as she dragged from the room. If he can get close enough to her, he whispers, in a soothing voice. “M’lady, having also been robbed of a loved one by evil forces, I know the unbalance that such evil does to one’s heart, mind and soul. I will assist you in bringing balance to your life as best I can. Whose head are you referring too?”


Thrush watches and awaits the Councils deliberations. He stands next to his friend, Gobrey, and watches Keaton’s interaction with the widow Karsh with interest.


Gobrey looks to his friend, Thursh, and says, “She is in so much pain right now, it’s not fair. I already miss Karsh. Normally at night he would talk to me about his fields. I like the fields.” After that, he remains silent, waiting to hear what the council has to say about the matter of the recent attack.


The others actually wave Keaton off before he gets close, and one of them comes toward him and whispers, “She’s still in shock and blames the three of you. She’ll see reason, just not today.”

After a moment, the elders finish their discussion and look to the three of you. Purity Blackstaff, Guile Blackstaff’s grandmother, is almost a century old at this time, and she has been the speaker of the council for several years. She begins to speak.

“We will not be taken by surprise again, if more hobgoblins come. We have the resources and the people to defend the village. Our primary concern is our people outside the village. The hunters never tell us where they will be, so we need to worry first about the caravan. They should have been here yesterday, and now we are worried that there’s a reason for the delay.”


Timidly, Gobrey speaks up, "I…I want to volunteer to look for them. I don’t want what happened today to happen to more people, it’s not fair!


Keaton bows his head, upon hearing that he might be the target of the widow’s rage. This brings back the ocean of emotions that he experienced when he learned from his father that he was not really his son. These emotions of anger and reaction are what forced him into the woods and ultimately turned him into the defender of the balance of nature that he is today. No words are useful, so Keaton simply gives a short nod of understanding.


Purity Blackstaff smiles at Gobrey. “We were hoping you would. We can’t spare anyone else at the moment, and the caravan has eight members of our community in it as well as supplies we will badly need come winter.”

Winter is of course months away (it is only late spring now), but preparing for winter begins almost as soon as spring planting is complete in a subsistence farming community like this one.


Stepping forward, Keaton eyes Gobrey, trying to evaluate the jester’s resolve, and says, “I do will look for them.”


With a large, youthful smile, Gobrey replies, “It will be nice to see Mr. Namfoddle again, as he always comes with the caravan. I hope he has more things to teach me!” Obvious excitement exuding from Gobrey about seeing his friend/mentor as well as this being his first time leaving the village


“Gobrey, tell me, how old do goblins live to be… your parents, for example, how old are they?” Keaton asks.


“Well, Gobrey says shyly, “My mom is an elf, and shes over 200 years old. Shes my mom, Goblins are not! Most Goblins are mean people!” He begins to look flustered at the thought of being compared to other Goblins, but soothes himself with a lowly murmured joke. “I asked my mom though. I wanted to know how old I will live for, ‘cause she said I won’t be as old as her.” Suddenly, he becomes animated, bright-eyed and child-like. “Mom said I get to live to be a WHOLE 30-40 years old. I’m only 9 now! I can’t imagine being an old geezer like 40 years old hahaha. Mommy can be silly sometimes!” He seems very happy when speaking about his mom, the look in his eyes showing that she is his whole world.


“Why do you ask, Keaton?”


The elders wait to see how this develops.


Thrush chuckles at his friend’s answer and says, “Be careful what you ask him, Keaton, he always feels a question in return is fair.” To his friend, and the elders, “If he goes, I’ll go.”


“Thank you Gobrey for sharing that,” he smiles towards the youth. Turning to Trush he says, “The youth seems so young…I was just trying to gauge where he might be in his life-stages. One thing is for certain…. he lacks not for enthusiasm or energy; both necessary traits for the tasks at hand.”


“Aww, you says some nice things Keaton.” Gobrey replies, with a smile.
“Since that’s your real question, I can tell you what my mom said when i turned 5. She said, “Gobrey,you are now considers an adult by the traditions of your own people. Though you have been raised by an elf and treated as a human, you must understand that you look older than all of your young friends. For this reason, you will be forced to grow up, mentally and emotionally, a little faster than the others. I will not fault you if you ever act as the other children your age act, just know how others may perceive you.”" That whole speech being done more theatrically than probably necessary
“So yeah,” Gobrey continues, “my mom says I’m a big kid now so that’s where I am in my life. I’m a big kid!” As he begins laugh, probably at the thought of thinking of himself as “big”


Nodding his approval at Gobrey, Keaton turns his attention back to the elder council and says, “The three of us stand prepared to search for the caravan. What further instructions might you have for us?”


Purity Blackstaff answers Keaton. “Just to be very, very careful. I wish we could spare a few more people to go with you, but we cannot, not until the hunters check back in. We do not know how many hobgoblins crossed the mountains to reach us here, but I would assume it was more than four, if I were you. And above all else, please come back alive. There’s been enough death today already.”


“That’s the plan.” laughs Thrush.

“I think. We do have a plan?” he adds, “At least some supplies and a Mule, right?”


Keaton again nods, “Can you at least point us in the direction that the caravan was expected to be coming from?”


You all know where the caravan is supposed to be coming from – there’s only one major road into the village, and it comes from [[Bralin]] to the southwest, crossing the river near [[Garoupus]], and then intersecting this end of the Diamond Pass to the Borderlands.

[In case you were wondering, that’s why there were no defenses in place here. Any hobgoblins that come here have to hike through the Borderlands, around the Diamond Fortress, and through the Diamond Pass – all of which are controlled by the Border Legion.]

Purity nods. “We can certainly spare a mule, now that the planting season is over. I’ll see to it personally. All the food you can carry is yours as well. Anything else?”


“I need to make sure my mommy will let me go out so far. I haven’t left the village before so I don’t know if she will be okay with it. Gobrey replies.


Purity smiles. “Feel free. She’s in the next room.”


[what time of year is it? spring? What is the temperatures during the day and night (on the average)? Just trying to figure out what gear we will need for outdoor adventuring.]


[Now it is spring, and it’s about in the ‘70s during the day and ’50s at night (around 24/13 centigrade). Of course, if you had to go up into the mountains (and there’s no reason you should at the moment), that would decrease to about the ’60s during the day and ’40s at night (around 18/7 centigrade).]


Never one to be overly optimistic, Thrush asks for both warm and cool clothing, as well as a good supply of the local Oatberry Cakes he loves. Also, though he has a Rapier and a few daggers, he wonders if the village would loan him some leather armor? Perhaps some could be cobbled together from the Hobgoblins leftover scraps of protective gear, whatever that was?


Also, can anyone lend him a shortbow and some arrows?



Done, and done. Thrush has a new set of leather armor, a shortbow, and 30 arrows.

You can have all the food and clothing you would like.


Gobrey returns from the other room with tear filled eyes and a wide grin, * “Mom says I can come guys! Something about me learning to be a man or something. I think she just needs me gone for a bit on account of my birthday is coming up and I just know she’s planning something!”
with much excitement, Gobrey asks, “So when do we leave?!”


Keaton pats his pack and says, “I have everything I need. Let’s head out immediately he says to Gobrey and Trush.”


“Onward!!!” Gobrey yells, as he marches out with arm and finger extended towards the mountains.


Thrush follows, smiling.


(OOC: How is advancement planned to be? Will it be level on command or shall we gain XP from combat, traps, RP and other such sources?)


[You will gain XP from combat, traps, roleplaying, chapter completion, and any really awesome ideas you throw out. If I forget to award XP (as I did after the last fight), please remind me, as I usually do it after a session – but we don’t have sessions here, now do we?]

You each gain 200 XP so far.

The path leads you down along the mountains, where a ice-cold spring brook babbles its way into oblivion, the Dark Forest. It is a beautiful day outside, and the cool breeze only serves to keep you alert.


Gobrey makes it a point to walk alongside the pack mule. Not only to “keep it safe” but also to prove to the others that he won’t be slowing the group down.
“So Keaton,” Gobrey asks, “what kind of things does Nascha eat? I have some berries I found in a bush near the village she could have, if she wants. I also found a worm a few minutes ago too. It’s so wiggly haha!” As he pokes a worm in his hand.


Keaton tosses a glance to Nascha, who is perched on his shoulder. The owl sometimes sits on Keaton’s hand and at times may fly around on its own initiative, but always returning to Keaton. If you spend any time watching Keaton, you might even get the sense that the female owl and Keaton communicate in some way.

Turning to Gobrey, Keaton whistles for Nascha to come to his hand, which he extends to Gobrey so he can see Nascha closely. Nascha’s deep eyes are wide as she studies Gorbey. There is a fierceness in her eyes, but she makes no move to bite or attack.

“Gobrey, Nascha, like most owls, feeds mainly on furry animals such as mice, rats, moles, squirrels. Larger owls will even eat rabbits, and even skunks. She isn’t going to get bigger so she won’t be eating critters that larger, but she can swallow a mouse whole.” As if to confirm the point, Nascha opens her mouth at Gobrey, possibly startling him.

Keaton brushes Nascha with his other hand and continues, “She will also eat insects, worms, spiders, frogs, lizards, and small birds. She is quite fierce and can kill animals as large as small coyotes by herself. She doesn’t have teeth,” Again Nascha owls her mouth in a feign biting motion towards Gobrey, “when she swallows a critter whole, there are things that she can’t digest, like teeth, claws, and fur, and for those items she stores them in her its gizzard.” See the clouded look on Gobrey’s face when he mentioned ‘gizzard’ he quickly adds, “A gizzard is part of her stomach that she uses to roll up those undigested pieces into small balls, called pellets. Then she sits them out.” Almost as if Nascha was listening and understanding, she suddenly makes a retching motion with her head and spits out a small pellet into Gobrey’s hand.

“Would you like to let her perch on your hand? Hold out your hand steady and straight.” He completely stretches his hand towards Gobrey’s hand and emits a short whistle. Nasch turns her head nearly completely around to look at Keaton, eyes hard on him. Keaton meets the gaze of Nascha and nods towards Gobrey. Nascha turns to look at Gobrey, her eyes flashing from Gobrey’s hand to his face. Gingerly, Nascha takes a step onto Gobrey’s hand." The claws are incredible sharp and as Nascha’s claws tightening after she brings her second foot over from Keaton’s hand surprising Gobrey with the power in her talons. Keaton smiles and says, “Go ahead, brush her head, she really likes that.”


With awe in his eyes, Gobrey begins to brush her head, being careful to be very gentle. He offers her the worm from his other hand and says, “Now make sure you don’t get my finger instead of the worm, ya hear?!” Having never had a pet of his own before, Gobrey is overjoyed by his first interaction with an animal. Especially since it is one that belongs to his friend! After a few minutes though, he says, “Could you take her back now? I really like her but my arms not as big as yours so it’s getting really tired holding her up. I don’t mind her claws though, they remind me of mine when mommy forgets to cut them for a week hahaha!”


Thrush laughs, a bit ruefully though, as he remembers his own inadvertent interactions with his friends nails as they’ve played over the years.


While walking with his friends, Gobrey is actively looking and listening to his surroundings. Knowing that they are looking to find more possible trouble, he deems it a smart option.

Spot Roll

Listen Roll


“Well,” Keaton says as he retrieves from Gobrey’s finger. Standing, he looks to Trush. “Do you have what you need? Are we ready to leave?” Turning back to Gobrey, “Gobrey, do you have any nicknames that you like? Also, do you have your gear packed? Are you ready?”


“I like my name, my mom says its a good name! She said it was the first name to come to her mind when she saw me all wrapped up in blankets back when….when Karsh found me.” At the mention of Karsh, Gobrey’s spirit suddenly drops and a few tears come to his eyes. “Ahh, mommy said I can’t cry anymore if I want to be allowed to go out with you guys!” With that said, he wipes away the last trace of tears, swells up his chest and shouts, “I’m all ready! Mom packed me a backpack full of..p..p..pre…pruuu…PROVISIONS!!! That’s what she called them! Yeah, that’s her funny word for food and blankets and camping stuff!”


“Ready as we’ll ever be.” replies Thrush.


The path winds down a long, slow hill, with a few handmade signs on the right-hand side (closer to the Dark Forest) reminding you not to leave the path with DANGER: SIRENS written on them.

You all remember the stories about the sirens – massive trees from the Forest that sing to lonely travelers, asking them to rest their weary heads against the trees…and then ripping them limb from limb and eating them whole.

Fortunately, you have no reason to leave the path (unless you want to, but you know better than to go very far from it.)

The walk is pleasant, and not very difficult – at least, not until you reach the glacial moraine near the Diamond Pass. The path here goes up one side of the hill, then down into an old lakebed before rising up again, then down and back up another hill. Gobrey quickly tires out trying to keep up (shorter legs), but the hills end almost as quickly.

Eventually, as afternoon finally starts to pass into evening (about an hour before sunset), you see a thin wisp of smoke directly ahead of you over the trees. As far as you know, there are no cabins out here.


“What do you think? Should I go ahead a little ways and scout?” asks Thrush. “Or would it be better to have Nascha fly over?”

(OOC Thrush is +8 on both Hide and Move Silently if you want him to go, though his Spot is only +4. Nascha would be more visible on a fly over, and, although she is a natural creature who would not intrinsically arouse suspicion, she is nocturnal, which might arouse curiosity. Also, she is probably limited in the level of detail she can relay to Keaton. Still, her Spot roll is much better. We could do both as a third option as well.)


“Ummm,” Gobrey ponders aloud, “I don’t really know who would be best. I could take a look too, if you want. I’m small so I could hide easier than both of you.”

(OOC Gobrey has a +9 Hide and +10 Move Silent, perks of being a small character with a moderate Dex.)


(OOC if Keaton has prepared "Speak with Animal, then Nascha is the best choices if not, we may be limited in her ability to comprehend what’s going on as well as communication)


[The following are the prepared spells for Keaton each day, unless I would note otherwise:

Level 0:
1. Cure minor wounds
2. Cure Minor wounds
3. Cure minor wounds

Level 1:
1. Speak with animals

The reason for this is because on page 180 of the player’s handbook it says that a druid can spontaneously cast “summon nature’s ally” in place of my first level memorized spell. Because Nascha is such an important part of Keaton’s life, he would speak with her each day unless an attack would force him to spontaneously cast summon nature’s ally to survive.]

Keaton lifts his arm, gives a sharp whistle and Nascha takes flight. He points to towards them smoke and shouts, “Scout!”

When she returns, he will cast “speak with animals” to her hear report.


“Answers my question then, eh?” chuckles Thrush.

(OOC Meat Shields we lack, but stealth and scouting we have in abundance ;)


As Nascha ascends from Keatons are, Gobrey can’t help but be in awe at the size of her wing span and the power it must take to fly her body “Wooooww!!!”


After a short while, Nascha comes back and lands on Keaton’s arm, clearly expecting a treat.


Once he casts speak with animals, of course, Nascha reports “Nothing to eat there. Nothing moves. All is vulture-food.” She says that last bit with some disgust.


Keaton turns to the others and relays what Nascha reported, “Nascha may have only seen dead bodies but did not see anything moving. We should be on guard as who or whatever may have hurt or injured those near that smoke may still be around.”


“You got it Keats! Very very quite!” Gobrey says in a hushed voice, while saluting.


Keaton says, “Let’s proceed quietly towards the camp.” He turns, steps on a large stick and breaks it, sending a loud “crack” noise through the woods. Cursing under his breath at his foolishness he trips over an exposed root, causing him to fall face and hands first into some briars, which, despite his attempts to bite his lip, force’s him to yell, “Good Mercy!” Rolling out of the briars he stumbles to his knees, which shifts the weight in his pack and unceremoniously dumps his cooking pot and tin plate out and onto a rock, sending another series of echoing bangs into the woods. After his symphony of stealth, he sheepishly gathers up his pot and tin plate, plucks the briars from his hands, smooths his clothing, looks at Gobrey and Trush and flashes a humiliated defeated frown.

[Move silently roll a 2 (-2 armor penalty) = 0]


Struck with awe, Gobrey is able to manage, “…Wow Keaton, didn’t we just agree to be quite? We might as well just stroll in now…” /sigh


Even with the sudden noise made by Keaton, Gobrey takes towards the smoke in a stealthy fashion, being sure to keep in the shadows as much as possible
Move Silent



Montana, that was hilarious. I’m still laughing, and I first read it more than 12 hours ago. Take 50 XP.

A gnome comes running out of the trees from the smoke plume, headed straight for you. When he sees you, he stops and says, “Oh, thank the gods! Quick, we need to get out of here!”

Gobrey recognizes this gnome as (a very upset and worse-for-wear) Boddynock Roondar Namfoodle.


(OOC, last name is Namfoddle)


Seeing his mentor in such a state of distress, Gobrey shouts in surprise, “Master Namfoddle!?! What are you doing here? Are you ok?”


Thrush (Like the bird, Dave/Montana, like the bird. Not like the medical condition :) sighs, “So much for stealth.”

He waits for Namfoddle’s answer even as he is preparing for whatever might be chasing him to come crashing through the brush.

(Readied action: attack anything following Namfoddle.)


[Or like the evil organization.]

Namfoddle catches his breath with his hands on his knees. “Hobgoblins…came out of nowhere…killed everyone…burned the caravan…hid in a wagon until I heard you coming.” Then the voice actually seems to penetrate his mind, and his head snaps up. “Gobrey, my friend! It’s good to see you again! Sorry we’re running a bit late.”

Thrush sees a hobgoblin step out of the brush and level a javelin at him.


[Thanks for the kind words… when rolled a 2 (reduced to a zero), I could just see the “experienced” druid making a complete fool of himself in the woods trying to stay quiet.. glad you got a kick out that epic fail ;) I added 50XP to my character sheet— are you tracking like I do in a forum post in Approaching Storm or are we to track individually on our character sheets? If we are to track, was the first XP that you issued as I had zero before the epic fail.]


[I’m expecting you to keep track of your own XP, but I’m also keeping track to make sure you don’t miss any…i.e. the 200 I already gave each of you for the first battle.]


Thrush will immediately draw and throw a dagger. Unsure of range, so I’ll just give you the rolls:


Roll: 1d20
15 plus 4

19 less range


Roll: 1d4



Seeing Thrush throw his dagger, Gobrey now spots the Hobgoblin with the javelin aimed at his mentor “Master Namfoddle, look out!!!”



Keaton, who just finished adjusting his pack, sees the Hobgoblin and reaches for his sling, which is tucked into his belt and with the other hand pulls a 1 inch stone from a small leather pouch also on his belt.

Initiative: 9 +2 =11


Thrush, initiative:

Roll: 1d20
8 plus 4



Thrush uses his readied action to fling a dagger at the hobgoblin with the javelin, which embeds itself in his neck and drops him to the ground. It is at that point that an arrow flies past Thrush’s head from the left and embeds itself in a tree. You all turn to see three hobgoblins, two with javelins and one with a bow, who is reloading. The three of them are 40 feet away from you.

14 Gobrey
12 Thrush
11 Keaton
9 Hobgoblin Warriors (2)
3 Hobgoblin Archer
0 Boddynock


“These guys again?!” Gobrey shouts. “Lets get ’um guys, just like at home!”
Gobrey runs 15 ft.towards the Hobgoblins and suddenly stops. He begins to mumble odd words while taking a small thread from his clothing and waving his hands together in a mystic fashion. All the while he is laughing.

Cast 0-level spell, Daze, targeted at the Hobgoblin archer. If under 5 HD, must succeed at a Will Save: DC 13 or become dazed for 1 round.


The hobgoblin archer suddenly stops and looks around confusedly.

Thrush is next.


Thrush moves back 20’, readies his bow (quickdraw) and fires at the archer:

Roll: 1d20
14 plus 4



Roll: 1d6



The archer takes the arrow in the chest, but remains standing.

Keaton is next.


Keaton fires a rock from his sling at the hobgoblin.

Rolled 16 +2 for DEX = 18.

If that is a hit, damage roll is 4!


(OOC, Keaton, which Hobgoblin did you attack? One of the fresh warriors or the archer that both Thrush and I have targeted?)


The rock cracks the archer on the temple, and he drops, twitching.

The two warriors hurl their javelins – one at Gobrey, and one at Thrush. The one aimed at Gobrey misses entirely (4 vs. AC) but Thrush catches the other javelin with his chest (16 vs. AC) for 7 damage.


Boddynock watches, dumbfounded, as Thrush goes down.

14 Gobrey
12 Thrush
11 Keaton
9 Hobgoblin Warriors (2)
3 Hobgoblin Archer
0 Boddynock


{"Arrrgh! Rmember me to all the Lasses, boyos! And hoist a pint or two! Argggh, (cough, cough)…mama? mama is that you?"}


“Thrush!!! Gobrey screams, “Keaton you have to help him! Master Namfoddle, you must help us fight! If you’re too scared then at least try to help Thrush!”
“As for you, stupid Hobgoblin,” Gobrey directs to the one that missed him, “That was the most pathetic attempt of a javelin throw I have ever seen. I mean, come on, even a squirrel hyped up on too much honey could do a better job than that!”

This insult happens right after the Hobgoblin missed Gobrey, thus enacting a immediate action of Jesters Performance: Inspiring Quip. We all have a +2 moral bonus on attacks made against said Hobgoblin until then end of the encounter.


Gobrey then pulls a dart from his side belt and hurls it with all his force at the Hobgoblin that harmed Thrush “Eat this you big meanie!!!”

roll d20+4
20+4=24 crit
roll 1d3+1 x 2
2+1 x2=6

(OOC, the “with all his force” was added due to the crit, for better visual effect)


Keaton rushes towards Trush and casts cure minor wounds (which heals him for 1HP)


“It’s Thrush…” Thrush gasps before blacking out.


(OOC at least you haven’t dropped the “r” too ;)


“And…thanks for the healing…” Thrush gasps as he stabilizes long enough to grasp Keaton’s hand, “You’ve averted a tragedy that would’ve had all the barmaids within leagues crying for days…” he adds before passing out once more.


Gobrey’s dart sticks in the hobgoblin’s neck, but the hobgoblin doesn’t go down, instead pulling out another javelin.

[Don’t forget that the first attack roll can only result in a critical threat, and you need to roll again to make it a critical hit. I rolled for you this time, and it worked – roll 12 + 4 bonus = 18. Also, I usually prefer that you roll the damage twice instead of just doubling whatever you roll, but it doesn’t really make much difference.]

The first hobgoblin hurls another javelin in anger at Gobrey, and this one actually slices into his armor, but misses the skin. (15 vs. AC) The second throws at Keaton…at least you think he was trying to, as he accidentally lets go of the javelin at the back of the swing and it flies backwards instead of forwards, getting lost in a small copse of trees.

Boddynock shakes his head. “I lost my knife, and I can’t…” His eyes light up, and he nods enthusiastically. He starts singing an old Elven march, which is oddly inspiring since it’s one of the slowest pieces of music in existence. (You all gain a +1 morale bonus on attack rolls, weapon damage rolls, and saves against fear effects.)


(OOC, sorry on that. I’ve played by so many different crit rolls. I’ll be sure to keep that in mind if I ever crit again)


[It’s OK, we’ve all done it.]

Thrush, Keaton’s healing puts you at 0 hit points, which means you can be conscious if you wish, and can even take actions (no more than one per turn, and taking a standard action (including an attack) will cause you to lose 1 hit point at the end of your turn if you’re still at 0 hp).

14 Gobrey
12 Thrush (0 hp)
11 Keaton
9 Hobgoblin Warriors (2)
0 Boddynock


A sudden javelin in his armor frightens Gobrey,as he lets out a surprised gasp, but the music of his teacher is so inspiring that he moves past the fear. Feeling evermore confident, Gobrey decides to attempt to finish off the Hobgoblin that just struck at him

throw dart

If hit

(OOC, remember that against the other Hobgoblin we all have a +2 from my jesters performance as well as +1 from Namfoddle, so pretty much we can destroy it haha)


(OOC @Lars, if Thrush performs an attack action, then goes to -1 at the end of the turn, what happens? If it will cause him to die, or bleed out, or something, then he’ll just crawl slowly around crying “Medic!”, otherwise he might risk an attack.)


Going to -1 hit points would cause Thrush to start dying at the rate of one hit point per turn (with a 10% chance each turn to stabilize) until he reaches -10, at which point he dies.


(OOC Keaton, you’re up)


[Montana will be away for an indeterminate (though hopefully short) amount of time, so we will continue without him. For the time being, I will play the part of Keaton, unless someone has a better idea.]

Gobrey’s dart hits the hobgoblin right in the throat, and he dies before he hits the ground.

Thrush yells for a medic.

Keaton casts cure minor wounds again, healing Thrush to 1 hit point.

[Thrush, you are now able to do whatever you wish without penalty. Just try not to get hurt again. Still pity the hobgoblins?]

The last hobgoblin hurls his last javelin at Keaton, grinning as it hits (17 vs. AC) his leg (2 damage, Keaton is at 10 hp).

Shouts erupt from somewhere to the south (to the right and behind, relative to where you are facing) of your group, sounding like the Goblin language. The hobgoblin in front of you calls to them.


14 Gobrey
12 Thrush (0 hp)
11 Keaton
9 Hobgoblin Warriors (2)
0 Boddynock


(OOC, as I speak Goblin, was I able to interpret the words yelled? I’ll wait to take my turn until I am aware of this, as it may affect my action)


Excellent point. I really should check before I make blanket statements like that. Yes.

“We’re coming!”

“Hurry, damn you!”


(OOC who’s turn is it?)


[Gobrey’s, but you can feel free to post out of turn, I won’t miss it.]


“Keaton, Thrush, Master Namfoddle, more are coming! We can quickly take this one down but I don’t know if sticking around for the others is such a good idea!” And with a sad look on his face, “They don’t seem to thin I am very funny.”

With that, Gobrey draws another dart from his side pack and slings it at the final Hobgoblin while shouting, “This is what you get for being such a meanie! And don’t you think I forgot about your first throw that didn’t even come CLOSE to hitting even a tree!”

Throw Dart
roll d20+7 (+4(stats), +1 (namfoddle music), +2 Inspiring Quip)



(OOC, woot for max die on damage. btw, for my d3 I have been rolling a d6 where 1-2=1, 3-4=2 and 5-6=3, is that something you’re ok with? As I am not a fan of computer dice and don’t own a d3 (do they even exist? The physicist in me says they can’t))


/roll d20+0 Listen (During the shouting phase)

(Can Gobrey roughly tell how far away these other Hobgoblins are? If so, and enough time permits, I would like to devise a strategy in form of an ambush (assuming we can make decent hide checks haha)


(Thrush is ready to Run, if the final Hobbie is down, otherwise he’ll Attack with his bow. Let me know Lars ;)


The dart enters the hobgoblin’s chest, but he remains upright.

Gobrey can’t quite tell how far the others are away with only a 15, but he’s pretty sure they’re close.


“Thrush, Keaton, Master Namfoddle, I don’t know how far away the others are but I know they are close!” Gobrey yells, “What should we do? I don’t know how much longer we can keep up our luck.” Gobrey is obviously scared, voice shaking as he speaks. But he keeps his chest puffed up all the while to hide his fear from his friends.


Thrush fires his bow at the hobbie,

to hit roll:

Roll: 1d20
plus 4


If that’s a hit, damage roll:

Roll: 1d6


then he moves an action in the direction away from the noise, looking for cover as he does so…


(OOC it’s +6 on this guy actually due to my Inspiring Quip giving a +2 to attack rolls. Possible +7 is Namfoddles music is still going. And if his is, then also +1 damage)


(OOC, Cool!)

Make that a hit for 4 damage then please, Lars!


The hobgoblin drops, and the shouting gets closer.

(You have 2 rounds before they appear. What do you do?)


(I somewhat think we holds hide, get Thrush all healed up with a cure light wounds and ambush the new guys, as it would be good for us to be able to sift through the wrecked wagon for any other survivors or possible clues to the motive behind the attacks) (If you agree, ill then do a speech action to actually convey that idea)


(I’m good with that plan, as long as Thrush can get the healing, lol!)


(Got it)

“Guys,” Gobrey speaks in a loud whisper, "we can’t just run away from these meanies! Lets hurry and hide so we can surprise them when they get here! Shh, be very quite! he speaks with a very childlike manor “Keaton, can you make Thrush feel better? He doesn’t look very good.” Gobrey says with a worried face. “And Master Namfoddle, come with me and stay quite. Shh. Ok? If you feel brave enough I would love to see you in action! I’m scared too though so I won’t be mad if you hide.”

After that, Gobrey looks around for a suitable hiding spot which lends itself to a good ambush spot.

roll d20+2=16

if successful
roll d20+9=29 (natural 20, unknown if you give bonuses to natural 20 skill rolls)


[As I didn’t notice until just now that Keaton is supposed to have two 1st-level spells prepared, I’ll rule that the other one is a cure light wounds today.]

Keaton reaches over and mumbles something, and Thrush is healed for 5 hit points (back to maximum, I believe).

Namfoddle stops singing and hides with Gobrey.

Thrush, are you hiding as well?




Roll: 1d20
11 plus 8



The three of you manage to hide just in time, as two more hobgoblins come running out of the trees and stop when they see the bodies. One of them, looking just like the other warriors you’ve seen so far, throws his sword down in disgust. The other strikes him on the back of the head, pointing at the sword. The second hobgoblin is clearly the leader, and is wearing heavier armor than you’ve ever seen anyone wear (although one of the villagers has a set belonging to his great-grandfather). This set of banded mail instead looks rather well-oiled and well-used. He also carries a glaive instead of a sword.

The pair does not appear to see you.


(Gobrey shall wait to see what the Rogue does, as ambush would be more his thing)


[ sorry for the delay— I have been killed at work for the past two weeks. I will hop back in when its my turn]


(Glad to have you back and glad it was just work holding you back and not an unfortunate event)


(OOC @Lars, are the hobbies within 30 feet for a sneak attack?)


[Yes they are. The two of them are 20 feet away from you.]


Thrush will draw back his bow quietly, and loose an arrow at the bigger hobbie,

To Hit:

Roll: 1d20
plus 4


Damage, if a hit:

Roll: 1d6
plus sneak attack
Roll: 1d6

8 damage


Then he’ll move back into the brush 10 feet.


From hiding, Gobrey casts a spell at the smaller hobgoblin

Cast 0-level spell: Daze. Will save of 13 or become inactive for a single round.

Gobrey attempts to remain hidden after the spell cast

roll d20+9


[OOC— I think I already used my “speak with animals” spell so I don’t think I would have had the second cure light wounds available. I do have cure minor wounds, the level-0 spell — I memorized three per day but they only heal for 1 point of damage. So I would have done that since I think I have cast my only level 1 spells already. Just let me know when its my turn.]


[You have two first-level spells, actually. I checked. One from your class, and one from your higher-than-11 Wisdom score. Bonus spells are discussed here.


[Note that you do not get bonus 0-level spells, so that number doesn’t change.]

Gobrey delays until after Thrush goes. Thrush’s arrow drives right into – and then through – the sergeant’s throat. He can’t even utter a sound as he sinks slowly to the ground, disbelieving his horrible luck all the way. Thrush does not get to move as well, as this is considered a surprise round (you only get one action, but the opponents don’t get to go if they’re surprised.)

Gobrey’s target steps back, bewildered by the spell and shocked by the instantaneous death granted to his leader. It is hard to tell which is more powerful to him. (Will save 2). Gobrey’s attempt to hide is extremely difficult, however, as he has already drawn attention to himself by casting a spell (requires unmistakable gestures and verbal components as well, you have a -20 to your Hide check after attacking or casting a spell.)

Keaton, would you like to take an action during the surprise round?

11 Keaton
9 Hobgoblin Warrior (does not get to go in the surprise round)
0 Boddynock
Turn 1:
12 Thrush
12 Gobrey
11 Keaton
9 Hobgoblin Warrior (dazed)
0 Boddynock
Turn 2:
12 Thrush
12 Gobrey
11 Keaton
9 Hobgoblin Warrior
0 Boddynock


(OOC thanks Lars! I’m still learning Pathfinder/3.5 so I wasn’t sure if I got a move action as well.)


[Not to worry…I didn’t exactly make it clear that it was going to be a surprise round anyways.]


[so I am now out of 1st level spells? If no, Keaton will cast “summon nature’s ally I”. If I am out of spells, I will throw a stone from the sling missing badly [Rolled a 4]


(I was aware of the -20 on hide after a “snipe” I just assumed you would factor that into the DC of my hide check, but in the future I’ll just subtract it from my roll to start)

**Having made eye contact with the remaining Hobgoblin, Gobrey knows his attempts to hide had failed him, such is the downfall of needing to speak his spells. However, with such a great shot from Thrush and only one Hobgoblin remaining, Gobrey feels confidant in his, and his friends, abilities to thwart this adversary.

Throw Dart
roll d20+4

(I doubt it, but if hit)


[Either way. I just figured I’d mention it.]

Keaton flings a stone at the lone remaining hobgoblin, missing terribly (though not as terribly as he could have).

The hobgoblin is completely out of touch at the moment.

12 Thrush (keep in mind you still get your sneak attack)
12 Gobrey
11 Keaton
9 Hobgoblin Warrior (dazed)
0 Boddynock
Turn 2:
12 Thrush
12 Gobrey
11 Keaton
9 Hobgoblin Warrior
0 Boddynock



An arrow flies towards the hobbie…


Roll: 1d20
5 plus 4




Gobrey flings another dart towards the Hobgoblin, hoping for better aim this time around
roll d20+4

assumed hit


(btw, neat online dice roller if you ever forget dice but have a computer to post from)


Thrush’s shot goes wide, but Gobrey’s dart sticks in the hobgoblin’s chestplate, and he staggers back a step.

11 Keaton
9 Hobgoblin Warrior (dazed)
0 Boddynock
Turn 2:
12 Thrush
12 Gobrey
11 Keaton
9 Hobgoblin Warrior
0 Boddynock


Keaton readies another stone, eyes narrowing as he tries to calculate the distance and movement of the foe, whirling the sling he fires a bullet, which flies true and finds it target in the face on the hobgoblin with a sickening “thud” sound (I rolled 18 to hit and damage of 3).


It does indeed. But even through this, the hobgoblin remains standing, bearing not-quite-mute testimony to the power and effectiveness of a properly-executed sneak attack.

The hobgoblin is still reeling from Gobrey’s spell, and cannot act.

12 Thrush
12 Gobrey
11 Keaton
9 Hobgoblin Warrior
0 Boddynock


Thrush nocks a third arrow, draws back the string, and lets fly:

To Hit:

Roll: 1d20
11 plus 4


If that’s a hit:

Roll: 1d6

2 damage


Gobrey looks over to his mentor, curious as to why he is so inept in defending himself “Master Namfoddle, you must fight with us! If we are all to live we must all work together! Now watch what my mommy taught my!”
Gobrey plucks another dart from his side pack and hurls it towards his foe

Throw Dart

if hit

(OOC, this is all assuming that the shot from Thrush does not kill it yet)


Thrush’s arrow catches the hobgoblin and spins him completely around, just in time for Gobrey’s dart to strike him in the leg. As the hobgoblin sinks to the ground, Boddynock sighs. “I know, my young friend, but I just can’t stand the thought of causing pain to others. All I want in life is to help people and make them happy – that’s why I became a bard. I’m afraid that makes me quite poor at fighting, too, even when I wouldn’t particularly mind giving some of their own back to them.”


With the last Hobgoblin down, Gobey begins to retrieve is thrown darts, while giving reply to his mentor. “I know, Master. I do not like this fighting too much either, but you know what I hate more than fighting? MEANIES!!!” Gobrey shouts “These big meanies came to our village and…they…they hurt people! They hurt people bad.” Gobreys’ mood shifts from the confidence of battle to the sad truth of reality. “So I’m going to do everything I can to make sure they don’t hurt anyone else!” After Gobrey has finished fetching all of his darts he asks with a soft and worried tone, "Master Namfoddle, where are the others that were supposed to be with the caravan?


Keaton calls, “Nascha, come!” and he extends his hand. Once Nascha lands, he soothes her with what passes for gibberish, although his tone is calm and reassuring. Turning to Gobey he says, “You fight like as fierce and determined as a mountain lioness protecting her cubs. Well done.”

“Master Namfoddle, I don’t believe we have met, although my friend Gobey has told us all about you. Are you in need of healing?”


Boddynock answers Keaton’s question first. “No, I’m quite all right, thank you. Gobrey, I’m sorry, but I don’t think anyone else made it.”


With a sad face, Gobrey replies, “Then we were too late”


Keaton walks over and places a reassuring hand on Gobrey’s shoulder. “Friend, I’m sorry that we could not help in time. But we have a responsibility to find the source of this discontent and stop it. Bobbynock, what can you tell us of this tragedy?”


“I agree.” says Thrush, as he waits for Boddynock’s reply.


Boddynock begins. “It was yesterday morning. We had camped for the night only a little ways south of here, and we were just getting warmed up. We were supposed to make it to you last night, but the hobgoblins were waiting for us. I don’t know where they came from, but they laid waste to our caravan, killing anyone who stood in their way.”

“I ran. I couldn’t help them, not enough to make a difference. But the hobgoblins stayed, I guess waiting for anyone else to come down the path. I hid, and wanted to warn you, but I couldn’t make myself move and risk being found, not until I heard you coming.”


[what time of day is it and can you describe the terrain?]


[It is now about half an hour before sunset. The terrain can best be described as “light temperate forest”. There are lots of trees and bushes around, and also plenty of empty space. Some of the bushes nearby are thick enough to easily fully hide a single humanoid creature, especially a smaller one such as Boddynock (in case you were wondering).]


’Given the hour, I suggest that we make camp here, at least in grove of trees over there," Keaton points towards a nearby stand of trees. “We set a guard rotation, rest-up and head out early, before first light tomorrow.”


Thrush nods agreement, adding, “I’ll take last watch, if I can. Your healing spells worked miracles, but I’ll need to sleep soon as well.”


“Very good.” Turning to Nascha, Keaton says some things in a language that you aren’t familiar with. He turns to you all and says, “Nascha has keen night vision. I asked that she keep vigilant during the night to alert us to strangers. We should still set a guard rotation, so I will take the last watch. Gobrey, can you take the middle watch?”


“Umm, yeah ok.” Gobrey replies, still seeming to be taking the situation roughly “Do we get to go back home when we wake up?”


“Well Gobrey,” Keaton says as he drops to one knee. “We must first root out the source of this tragedy to return the right balance. I’m sure that Bobbynick would agree that.” Keaton looks to Bobbynick for confirmation.


Boddynock takes some time to think about his answer before giving it. “Maybe not. You mentioned the village had been attacked, yes? Well, there haven’t been any hobgoblin attacks in this area in nine years. It’s unlikely these two aren’t related. It seems more likely that they want to cut off the village from the rest of the world. I have a feeling you’re going to find more answers in the village than out here.”


Even with him kneeling, Gobrey still must look up to look into Keaton’s eyes. His own eyes, wide with worry and confusion he asks, “Is this my fault?” Mommy told me that Goblins and Hobgoblins are related. They didn’t come to the village because of me, did they? I’m so sorry!" *Gobrey begins to cry as a child his age should when faced with such a tragic idea. His words begin to become incomprehensible as he begins to hyperventilate, all while dropping to his knees, covering his face with his claw like hands.


Keaton drops to one knee to look at Gobrey, his hand still on his shoulder. “Gobrey, we don’t know why they are coming to the village and at this point we have reason to think that this is because of you. But you know what? We need you to help figure this out and stop it. You would like to do that right? Put an end to these attacks?”


After wiping the tears away with his arm and taking a big sniff breath in, Gobrey replies, "You’re right Keaton! Mommy was right to tell me to listen to you. She always said you were wise like the old people. He laughs “Alright, let’s get some sleep, find the people who are making the bad people come and then we kick their butts!”


Keaton prepares a meal for everyone before the party rests with the guard rotation we just established. You’ve eaten better for sure, but you have also eaten worse. Following the meal, Keaton rolls himself up in his large cloak, pulling the hood over his head. Nascha perches on a nearby branch.


[We have two people trying to take the last watch at the moment…Thrush and Keaton. Best work that out first.]


Thrush takes first watch.


Very well. Each of you make a Listen check. Gobrey can make a Spot check instead if he wishes, since he can see in the dark. Nascha also needs a Spot or Listen check during each watch.


Thrush, 1st watch, listening:

Roll: 1d20
9 plus 5



First watch, Nascha’s listen roll: 2 16 (skill) = 18
Second watch, Nascha’s listen roll: 16 + 16 (skill) = 32
Third watch, Nascha’s listen roll: 19
16 (skill) = 35

First watch, Keaton listen roll: n/a (he is asleep)
Second watch, Keaton listen roll: n/a (he is asleep)
Third watch, Keaton is up for watch and his listen roll is: 1 +4 = 5 (he nearly falls back asleep!


Throughout his shift, Gobrey keeps his eyes and ears open.

roll d20+0=18

roll d20+0=13

A few times during his shift, he calls softly to Nascha up in the tree, to see if she will perch his arm without Keaton’s instruction

Handle Animal
roll d20+3=13

If she comes to him, he will pet her head softly and try to find some insects on the ground to feed her. If she does not come to him, he will just continue to smile and wave at her.


[I will let the GM decide how Nascha reacts …. which, by the way, I think is cool that Nascha can be viewed an active, independent NPC]


Thrush hears nothing out of the ordinary, and Nascha doesn’t appear to react to anything during his shift.

Gobrey sees a squirrel run directly across the campsite before disappearing into the trees, but not much else. On his second try, Nascha flies down and sinks her claws into Gobrey’s leather-clad arm. But when he tries to feed her insects, she just looks at him with a disdainful stare – or so he imagines.

Finally, once Keaton takes over, he has trouble keeping awake, and is eventually roused by Nascha tapping his face with her beak.

Finally, the night is over, and nothing appears to have found you, or even come close.


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“Well? What should we do now? Head back to the village?” asks Thrush.


“We can go back home!!!” Gobrey says with glee in his voice. “We have to find out why these meanies hurt the village and our friends!”


Keaton agrees.

[Montana will be gone for a short while again. Hopefully not more than another week or so.]

For the last battle, you each gain 350 XP each, which should put you at 550 each (600 for Keaton).


(OOC, dang. Hope things are alright with him.)

Gobrey points in the direction he believes to be home and says, “Onward home!!!” and begins to march away.


[He’s just crazy busy again. Should straighten out soon.]


(OCC ahh, good! Anyroad, we shall return home!)


When Thrush turns to follow, he trips and falls. Looking down, he sees that he tripped over the pommel of a sword that appears to be stuck in the ground up to the hilt.


Gobrey looks back at Thrush, “Oh no, are you ok Thrush? Here, let me help you up!” With his small frame, Gobrey struggles to help up Thrush, but he is surly trying!


Keaton helps Thrush back up as well. “What happened?”


“I dunno,” Gobrey replies. “He just fell, I guess.”

Spot check to notice the sword hilt as well


Gobrey can easily see the sword hilt. It looks like the sword is probably too big for Gobrey.


“Wait, what’s this?” Gobrey asks with surprise "Is that…a sword? eying is with a confused expression, he finally speaks “What is a sword doing so deep in the ground?”


“That is a good question Gobrey” says Keaton, placing one hand on his chin as he intently studies the sword.

[is it rusty or new?]


From what you can see of the sword, it appears to be well-used. As you can’t see the blade at all (it’s buried to the hilt almost perfectly straight down in the ground), it’s difficult to tell what kind of condition it’s really in.


Gobrey walks over to the sword hilt and gives it a light kick, to see if it has any sort of give. (if so, he will attempt at pulling on it)

Str roll


Keaton watches Gobrey and whistles for Nascha, holding up his hand to receive her.


(btw, welcome back Montana!)


The sword seems to slip right out of Gobrey’s hands when he pulls.


(Like slip out as if it were slippery, or somehow repelled, or like I tried to pull and just didn’t have the strength?)


(hm, interesting)

Looking puzzled, Gobrey kicks at the sword again, this time with minor frustration, and says, “This is weird. I can’t even hold it. Thrush, Keaton…mayhaps you try?” He is also curious if it is in any way magical, as he sees no actual oilto make the handle so hard to hold.

Cast Detect Magic
(let me know what is discovered by the rules of the spell.)


“Hey guys, I just did a magic reading spell that Master Namfoddle taught me…this isn’t a normal sword. Gobrey looks excited “This is a magic sword! It’s got the transmutation school all over it! I think that’s why I can’t keep hold of it!” Gobrey begins to almost dance with excitement “Ohhhh, oh you guys we just HAVE to get this sword out. This is so cool!”


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Thrush, brushing the last of the leaves and dirt from his fall off of his tunic, moves over to try to pick up the sword.


The sword comes up easily in Thrush’s hand, revealing a rapier’s blade, though sharpened on one side like a scimitar and thickened on the other. The blade is spotless, despite having just been in the dirt.


Gobrey’s eyes widen as he lets out, “Woowwww, so cool!!!”


Keaton smiles as he watches Gobrey’s genuine excitement.


Thrush carefully swings the sword, testing its balance and weight.

“Very cool.” he agrees with Gobrey.


On the last swing, something catches Thrush’s eye. Looking closer, he spots a thin line of Elven runes near the pommel of the sword…which he can’t read because he never picked his languages (cough cough), and which no one else can read either because they don’t speak Elven.



Thrush, unknown to all an ardent Elfophile, suddenly remembers he speaks, reads, and writes Elvish beaautifully…along with common (and a third language to be determined at an appropriate later date ;).


Uh huh… :)

Well, then in that case Thrush can clearly read the runes, which read, in a beautiful flowing script, Morphion.


Thrush holds the sword up for the others to see. “See here? It says ‘Morphion’. I think that means ‘Thrush is a stud’.”

He laughs, then says, “We better get going back to the village so we can figure this out.”


“Gobrey! Be careful with that, something is not right with that sword. I can’t put my finger on it but, but, I sense that is sentinel…” He stops, not knowing if Gobrey will understand that word, he drops to one knee, to get eye level with Gobrey. “Gobrey, I am happy that you have found such a marvelous weapon but can we have a magic user examine it be sure that it has no curses or worse? I get the feeling that it is watching us; as if it actually has a soul or mind of some kind.”


(OOC @Dave, Gobrey isn’t swinging the sword, Thrush is, lol!)


(OOC, ill post mine as if Montana did NOT say that last bit haha)

Roll Sense Motive
roll d20+0=3

With eyes wide as ever, Gobrey replys to Thrush, “The sword says that about you on it? Oh my gosh that is so awesome! Let me see, let me see!” upon examining the sword, Gobrey replies, "Man, I hope I get a cool weapon one day. I hope it says something like, “Gobrey is the best” or, “Gobrey is the funniest person ever!” Yeah, that would be cool!"


Boddynock smiles as he watches his protege. “Perhaps it would be best if we got moving, eh?”


“Alright,” Gobrey replies happily, “Let’s go see mommy and get you to the village safe!”


… I would have said something similar to Trush, but less-child like ;) ]



Thrush agrees. “Let’s get moving and find out what’s going on before more ‘baddiies’ appear.”


Talking to himself, Gobrey begins to talk and keeps repeating, “Big jerks! Baddies. Big meanies!!! Stupid meanies.”


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The four of you walk back to the village without encountering anything other than the occasional squirrel or sparrow. The village has changed, but only slightly. The small patrol of armed citizens near the center of the village is one obvious change. The other is that no one is working in the Voldens’ fields.

After a tense moment, the patrol recognizes you and relaxes. Guile Blackstaff sighs. “We sent you out too late, didn’t we? Nothing to be done. Wecome back, Master Namfoddle; I’m sorry it couldn’t be under better circumstances.”

What do you do?


Thrush tries, and fails at, not strutting to show off his new sword.

Approaching Guile, he asks, “We ran into more Hobbies. We need to see the elders right away.” pausing a tick, he adds, “Has anything changed since we left? Have their been any more incidents?”


Guile points to a small pile of bodies about fifty yards away. “A few. Nothing more than scratches on our end, thank the gods.” He gestures towards the council chamber. “The rest of them are already working. I’ll meet you there in a minute.”


Seeing the pile of bodies, Gobrey shudders, and says, “Stupid meanies need to stay away from our village! We didn’t do anything to them!”
Even with the events that have recently unfurled, Gobrey is still able to carry himself in a very cheerful manner. It is obvious that he is happy to be home and to see his mother.

“After we talk to the Olders, can I go see mommy? I bet she misses me. I hope she made Shepard’s Pie!”


Knowing his friend well, Thrush looks at Gobrey and says, “Where are my manners today? Let’s go see your mom first. After we eat a quick bite we can go see the Elders. Maybe she’d even like to come with us? She might have something to add to the discussion.”


As Gobrey says that, he smells shepherd’s pie wafting from the other side of the council building.


“Really?!” Gobrey shouts excitedly “Alright lets go!”
Gobrey runs towards his house, and the smell, bursts through the door and looks around for his mom


The first thing Gobrey notices is a lot more cots in his living room (all empty), and his mother finishing the cooking. She spots him immediately and scoops him up in a hug. “I knew you’d do fine!” she exclaims and kisses him.


Keaton remains outside and surveys the village.


“Stop it mommy, you know your hair tickles my nose hahaha.” It is at that point that Gobrey notices the cots in the room “Mommy, what are all these beds doing in this house? Do we have guests? Ohhh, I hope they are kids my age and are nice! Can I meet them?!?”


Thrush goes inside, nods hello to Gobrey’s mom, and listens as she answers.


She smiles. “No, Gobrey, it’s just in case someone gets hurt. Now why don’t you call Keaton in here and we can all bring some food out to the guards?”


“Ok mommy!” Gobrey says happily. He then sticks his head out the door and screams, “Keaton, come in here! My mom says we are gonna give food to the guards and then we can eat too! It’s her Shepard’s Pie!!!”


Thrush licks his lips at the scent of the pies.


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[I was waiting on Montana, but since I haven’t heard from him in a while, we’ll just continue tomorrow.]


Keaton comes in, and the four of you bring the shepard’s pie (which smells delicious, of course) to the guards before settling back in at Harle’s and Gobrey’s home. The shepard’s pie is, of course, delicious.

You are about a third of the way through the meal when Harle drops her fork and puts a hand to her mouth. “Oh gods, Thrush, I’m so sorry!” she exclaims. “Weren’t your parents with the caravan?”


“Yes, though we didn’t see any sign of them. If they’re alive I’ll find them. If not I’ll avenge them.” says Thrush very seriously, “Do you have any idea why they’d pick now to attack?”


Harle shakes her head slowly. “I wish I knew. Listen, if you need anything, just ask. Any friend of Gobrey’s is a friend of mine.”


Gobrey smiles up at Keaton and Thrush while a little gravy slips out from his mouth


Finishing the last few delicious bites of pie, Thrush stands and says, “Well, we better go see the council. Thanks very much for the food, Harle. Will you come with us to the council?”


Harle smiles. “Of course.”


With a big smile on his face, showing many sharp teeth, Gobrey happily says, “Then lets get going!” As he holds the door open for everyone.


As they arrive at the lodge the council uses for its meetings, Thrush, his new sword swinging at his side, strides in and looks at the assembled elders.


Gobrey, walking at the left of Thrush, surveys the room with a wide mouthed grin, exposing his sharp teeth. “Oops,” Gobrey says in a hushed tone, “I forgot that mommy told me to try to not show my teeth around people. She says it worries them.” He closes his mouth, though still a light smile on his face. Sadness can be seen in his eyes however. It would seem the idea of what he is has begun to set in more and more as he has gotten older. Never the less, Gobrey keeps his head held high, proud to have helped the village that he calls home. At random, he hugs the left leg of Thrush. Looking up to meet his friend’s eyes, he says softly, “Thank you.”


Harle remains just inside the door of the council chamber. The council pays her no heed, as she was expecting. The three of you notice that all members of the council save one are in attendance again – the missing one being a Volden.

Purity Blackstaff nods to each of you in turn, and speaks. “Master Namfoddle has spoken highly of your courage and skill. He would have been here in person to thank you again, but we asked him to keep the children company while their parents are guarding the village.”

She pauses, and then sighs. “Unfortunately, it seems our troubles are only beginning. About fifteen minutes ago the water stopped flowing down the ancient aqueduct.”


“The…the water stopped flowing?” Gobret asks, confused.


She nods. “The Wellspring is of dwarven make, and should not stop for anything short of a full-blown earthquake. Since we haven’t felt anything like that, it’s only fair to assume that someone has stopped it up.” She shakes her head. “I fear the worst. The hobgoblins are not stupid, and once they realized that they couldn’t take us on in a frontal assault, I fear they have simply decided to wait us out.”


Gobrey looks around to his friends and the elders, " We can’t let them do that! How can we stop them?!?"


“We’ll have to after them, and restart the flow. We’ll need as many people who can fight as we can get, though we must not leave the village undefended either. How many can you spare?” asks Thrush.


Purity hesitates before replying. “That,” she finally answers, “is what we have been discussing. We do not know how many hobgoblins are out there, nor do we know their ultimate aims. We don’t know whether this is their answer to us, or whether this is just another diversion meant to drag our defenders away just so they can take our homes more easily. The hunters who came back we sent out to try and determine this, but none have yet returned.”

She reflects for a moment. “For now, I ask you to survey the hobgoblin presence at the Wellspring, and return for reinforcements if you need them. Is that acceptable?”


“Of course,” answers Thrush, “anything we can do we shall. We should leave as soon as possible.”


Gobrey steps forward “I want to keep on helping! It’s not fair that they attacked us for no reason! They need to stop it…and….and I’ll make them!” Gobrey puffs out his chest, though the look of exhaustion covers his face.


Keaton is visibly angry at the news of the water stopping. "Elders, Gaia, Mother of the Earth, whom I serve, will not stand for manipulation for any purpose of the life-giving water. Words cannot describe the anger welling up in me and I do not mean to be funny by saying “welling”. As one who’s very life was both saved and formed by the power of Mother Earth, I must and will return the flow of water to this village."

Turning to his companions, he asks, “friends, while we have only traveled together for a short time your courage and hearts align with mine. Will you join me in returning the balance by restoring the flow of the water?”


Gobrey looks up to Keaton and says, “Of course I’ll help! Those meanies will not get away with hurting our village! I promised mommy that I wouldn’t let them hurt us anymore!”


“Agreed.” answers Thrush.


Through a big yawn, Gobrey says, “Come on guys, lets go!”


“Maybe we should take a nap first? We’ve been through a lot these past few days.” adds Thrush, looking over at his yawning friend.

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[OOC: To you guys as well!]

Purity smiles. “Of course. Go right ahead. No one’s going to die of thirst in the next few days.”


“That sounds nice, I’ve missed my bed.” Gobrey says, sleepily.

(Happy Christmas as well)


“Very good then, we’ll set out in the morning.” says Thrush. “Now, is there any more pie…?”


Harle grins. “You bet there is, kiddo.”


Gobrey says his goodbyes to the council and his friends, walks to his home and passes out as soon as he hits the bed.


Keaton nods to Trush and Gobrey, “We shall rest for the night and set up tomorrow.” Turning back to the elders, he asks, “Is there any more news or information you can share with us to aid us in restoring the water?”


Thrush nods in agreement with the Druid’s question.


Another elder answers. “Most likely, the hobgoblins shut off the water by using the shut-off located in the Wellspring building itself. All you should need to do is lift the lever and water should start flowing again.”

The three of you sleep for the night (Keaton is invited to sleep over at Harle’s place, if he chooses) and get up early in the morning, fully rested.

Any other preparations before leaving?


Keaton accepts the invitation for lodging. “I only need to gather a few replacement bullets for my sling, otherwise I am ready,” Says Keaton.


(Gobrey needs nothing)


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“A good nights rest is all I ask.” nods Thrush, “Although a little cold pie for the road would be nice in the morning.”

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(I personally just check the adventure log once a day to see if there have been any updates, as I too never recieve any emails. I thin you have to be a subscriber to get emails though. I hope this campaign does not fall away, as I find it very fun. I’ve never gotten to RP a character this intensely before due to it all being off the cuff in a live game)


[I don’t plan on this campaign going away anytime soon, don’t worry. It’s just been a busy few weeks since Christmas.]

The next morning, the three of you set off to the Wellspring. Remembering your history, you remember that the Wellspring was once the largest source of water for the entire city of Arganthorn, now the Dark Forest. The road leading to the Wellspring has collapsed in many places, and smaller trails have sprung up to replace the bridges.

You chat and hike, but it is a fairly long way up. Eventually you stop to rest.

Gobrey notices a small silver chain and pendant hanging off of a branch below the others’ eye level.


“Hey guys,” Gobrey says with excitement, “Check this out!” He holds up the pendant to let some sunlight hit it. “Where do you think it came from?”

Knowledge Check
Knowledge (Local) or (Royalty/Nobility)
18+6=24 (local)
18+4= 22 (nobility/Royalty)


The pendant is comprised of a silver sword superimposed on a shield-shaped sapphire. The chain itself appears to be made of silver as well, though it is obviously not of the same quality.

Knowledge (Nobility and Royalty)
After a moment, you recognize the pendant as the symbol of the Border Legion. This group of humans and elves was formed shortly after the Great War to keep the hobgoblins from threatening the rest of the world ever again.

Knowledge (Local)
In a further instant, you recognize this specific pendant as belonging to Aemaea, a human Knight of the Border Legion who often makes trips to Hob’s Fall…and is currently several days overdue, when she is always early.

And it is at this point that several rocks come bouncing down the slope of the mountain from behind Gobrey.


Before he can tell his friends what he knows of this pendant, he looks up towards the sound and tries a quick can of the area in hopes of scouting a possible threat

Spot Check
11+0= 11

(If needed)
Reflex Save to avoid falling rocks
13+4= 17


Gobrey doesn’t see anything out of the ordinary. This part of the trail cuts across a small valley that stretches upwards towards a ridge.

One of the rocks comes to rest at Gobrey’s feet. It is the size of his fist, and one of the larger rocks in the small group.


“Hmm,” Gobrey sighs, “mayhaps it was just an animal.”
He puts his attention back to the pendant, and says, “Guys, I know this pendant. Aemaea from the Boarder Knights had this around her neck every time I saw her. I swear this is the same one!”
Gobrey begins to look around for any signs of Aemaea, possibly foot prints or signs of a struggle, while saying
“She loved this pendant. She let me hold it once but started cleaning it right when I gave it back to her. She wouldn’t let it fall on the ground unless something bad happened!”

(unsure of roll, so will roll once and show relevant modifiers that I think may be appropriate, use the one that best fits the situation)

17+0= 17

17+2= 19


Gobrey’s epic search for the missing Aemaea is cut unmercifully short when he hears a woman’s voice call out in a low tone from just up the slope, “Gobrey? Is that you?”


“Hu??” Gobrey lets out, in surprise, “Aemaea, is that you?!?”
(if so) Gobrey runs up the hill to her, latching himself to her leg.


She answers, “Yeah, it’s me.” As soon as Gobrey starts running up the hill, she adds, “Ohgodsnodon’t!”

Coming closer, you can see that her left hand is trapped high above her head in a rocky outcropping, and she lays on her back on a steep slope covered in loose dirt and rock. She is obviously in pain.


Thrush, noticing what Gobrey is up to, follows him, stopping short as he hears Aemaea’s words.


“Oh no,” Gobrey says with a gasp, “Thrush, Keaton, help me get her hand free!”


Gobrey examines the hand/rock combo and tries to help take it out, all while causing as little pain as possible. “Just hold old Aemaea, we will help you.”


It takes all three of you to extricate Aemaea’s hand from the rock. Both Thrush and Keaton have to hold Aemaea up – during which you discover she also has a sprained right ankle – while Gobrey does the work trying to move the rocks enough to her her hand out.

Even so, her wrist is in bad shape, with bones jutting out. Aemaea looks it over after the three of you get her seated below on a rock. “At least I’m right-handed,” she mutters.

Assuming you plan to try to set her wrist and splint her ankle, I’ll need a Heal check from each of you. Whoever rolls highest will be assisted by the other two.


Gobrey looks at her hand and ankle with some worry, then begins to try to help

Heal Check
d20 + 0 = 16


Thrush assists his friend.

Heal roll:

roll d20
5 + 1 =



Keaton’s Heal check roll 19 + 4 bonus = 23.

Total Heal check 23 +2 from Gobrey = 25.

Thrush quickly realizes he’s just getting in the way and steps aside, but Gobrey and Keaton working together manage to splint and bind Aemaea’s wrist. In time, it might even heal up enough on its own so she could use it again, but without access to a regenerate spell, she’s stuck with one hand for the time being. The two of you also manage to splint Aemaea’s ankle, and she can almost walk normally.

Once you have finished, Aemaea stands up and draws one of her twin bastard swords and tries a few passes, grimacing. “I think I’d better leave the fighting up to you guys.”


Happy to see that Aemaea is alright, Gobrey reluctantly asks, “More fighting?” And begins to look around

Spot Check
d20+0= 19


Thrush scans the area as well.

“Who attacked you?” he asks Aemaea.


She sighs. “No one. Or at least not directly.” She seems unwilling to say more, but then answers. “About three months ago, the fortress at the north end of the Diamond Pass was overrun by hobgoblins. The Legion retook it two weeks ago, but we found that a band of hobgoblins had come down this way. I tracked them down, but they came up here on the ridge.” She points back up the slope. “I slipped on a loose stone and caught my foot in between two more, then was sliding down the slope headfirst. I tried to catch myself, but I got my hand caught. That was four days ago.”

She looks each way down the trail. “I know a lot of hobgoblins have gone back down the mountain. Is everyone else all right?”


With a sad tone, Gobrey looks up at her, "No, everyone else isn’t. Gobrey begins to stutter his words, as if they pain him to say aloud “The caravan was late…we didn’t know why. A few days back I was just playing with the other kids, like I always do, and some people walked into one of Karsh’s fields. I was going to greet them, thinking they were with you, but…but they,” It’s obvious at this point that Gobrey is fighting to tell the happenings without having to see what happened all over again in his mind, “they cut his head off! They killed his son and attacked our village!” Gobrey begins to cry-speak, finally venting his fears and emotions. “Why where you not there to help us?! You are never late!!! Why now?! Why?!” He falls to the ground, holding his knees to his chest, all while rocking himself in attempts to calm down, almost as if he were attempting to pretend he was being held by his mother.


Thrush walks over and puts a hand on his friends shoulder. He gives Gobrey a gentle squeeze.

Looking to Aemaea he asks quietly, “Can you walk well enough to help us? The hobbies have cut off the water to Hob’s Fall and we need to deal with them.”


Kudos (and 50 XP) to Gobrey for making me feel sad about the passing of a character who only had one line in the entire story thus far.

Aemaea looks up, and there is an anger in her eyes you haven’t seen before. “Five years I’ve been coming here, and the one time you really need me I can’t make it. You’re damn right I’ll help, as much as I can.”


(woop woop)

Gobrey smiles up at Aemaea “Then we can do this together!” He extends his arms out for a hug.


Aemaea leans her sword on a nearby rock and gathers Gobrey into a one-armed hug. “Damn right we can.”


Gobrey smiles and says, “Then lets go teach those meanies whose village to not mess with!”

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