• Ghaleon


    A devil-scourged man with no memory, aside from his magic, of his past.
  • Gobrey


    A kind-hearted Goblin with a quip-ready tongue.
  • Keaton Thornbush

    Keaton Thornbush

    Human male, dressed in hides, carries a wooden shield, staff, and scimitar on belt. On his shoulder is a small owl which he refers to as Nashca.
  • Pyrus Anchleo

    Pyrus Anchleo

    A robed man stands aside, watching, measuring. The burns stand prominent, as does the hair, braided and tied repeatedly, over his right shoulder.
  • Rollins


    A male half-elf artisan, wearing studded leathers, exotic elven boots and adorned with rings. Short bow, short sword and dagger are visible. His dark complexion, black hair and black eyes lead you to believe he is more than an artisan.
  • Roth Shadeflow

    Roth Shadeflow

    A Young Storyteller from Hob's Fall
  • Sloth Wargoth

    Sloth Wargoth

    Arrogant Dragon Shaman