The Second Great War and other stories

The War of the Burning Moon
A previous tabletop game.

The War of the Burning Moon was so named because the final battle took place on the moon, and the deific energies released during the battle made the moon seem as though it were burning for several days.

Reader Note

The following is a mostly-accurate account of an actual campaign I ran from 2010 to early 2016, from level 6 to 36.

The Second Great War: Chapter 1: Hob's Fall

The village of Hob’s Fall has never fought in any wars, rarely even sent soldiers to any. The single skirmish the men of Hob’s Fall took part in during the Great War didn’t even register on anyone else’s notes – though stories of it have circulated throughout the village, and the Gobrey only keeps the fight in peoples’ mind.

Regardless of that, the village has been quiet for centuries, ever since Hob’s fall. The curse Hob the Goblin placed upon the village has been almost entirely forgotten…and no one, not even the wisest sage, would predict that it would soon be fulfilled.

Regardless, each of you has felt the need to arm yourselves this day, though you can’t exactly say why.

Maybe it’s because the weekly trade caravan is already an hour overdue.

Maybe it’s because the monthly visit from Border Knight Aemaea is a full day overdue, and she is never late. She’s rarely even on time.

Or maybe it’s just a feeling that things are about to come crashing down around your ears.

Whatever your reason, today you absentmindedly (or purposefully) brought weapons along with you when you left your home.

For Keaton Thornbush, that turned out to be a good thing already, as he ran into a band of orcs within the outer edges of the Dark Forest – even Ellynn never traveled deeper than half a mile into the Forest, and she made sure to tell Keaton of the horror known as the Klg’dk before the orcs cut her down. Keaton is just emerging from the Forest to the southwest, after having buried Ellynn.

As Gobrey plays with the younger children, he can’t help but be distracted by the fact that his mentor, Boddynock Roondar Namfoddle, is still a day late, along with the rest of the trade caravan. The comedic play meant for last night has been put off, and one thing that Gobrey loves is to make others laugh.

Thrush works in the field, two knives in his belt, though he hardly remembers placing them there this morning.

At first, no one notices the new figures coming out of the woods to the northeast, near the mountains.

It isn’t until they have completely left the woods behind and entered Karsh Volden’s potato fields that his family even realizes they are there.

Karsh himself steps to meet the strangers, but then the lead figure throws back its hood.

It is a hobgoblin.

Karsh attempts to fight with his staff, but the hobgoblin takes only seconds to slice his head clean off.

The rest of his family screams and starts running.

It is at this point that you – and the rest of the village – realize what is happening.

KILL THEM ALL!” the hobgoblin leader shouts, and the others throw back their hoods and draw blades. One draws a bow instead.

You quickly size up the situation, and note that only the Volden family – two children, Karsh’s newly-widowed wife, and their teenaged son – is close enough to the hobgoblins to be in any real danger.

[OOC: Keaton, you are about 200 feet away. Gobrey and Thrush can be anywhere they like, but no closer than 30 feet. I will get a map up tomorrow, probably.]


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