The Borderlands are the most hotly-contested area on the continent. Before the Great War, it was known as Eràln, breadbasket of the North. Here, humans, elves, and goblinoids lived in relative peace, trying to feed their families and remain aloof from the racial tensions that permeate the continent.

When Tulak Azuri took his forces south into Eràln, he gave the inhabitants a very simple choice: surrender or die. Most chose to surrender.

During the years before the Great War, Tulak Azuri transformed the once-peaceful valley into a war machine. By the time the Great War began, hobgoblin forts dotted the valley and the human population was little more than slaves. By the time the human and elven forces pushed their way into the valley, it was heaped high with the bodies of the dead.

After the war, the humans and elves made a pact. The Borderlands (as they would be known afterwards) would be guarded by all, funded by all, and politically independent.

Notable Places:
The Bend
Diamond Fortress
Sapphire Fortress
Emerald Fortress
High Hold


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