Anora, Lady of Doves

The Free, Lady of the Doves
Lesser Goddess
Symbol: A dove flying above a sky of azure blue
Home Plane: unknown
Alignment: Chaotic neutral
Portfolio: Choice, freedom
Worshipers: Elves, the falsely imprisoned, the downtrodden
Cleric Alignments: CG, CN, CE
Domains: Celerity, Chaos, Elf, Endurance, Liberation (see the Spell Compendium or Complete Divine for choices)
Favored Weapon: “Freedom” (Rapier)

Anora was raised to divinity only recently, about 500 years ago, not too long before the Great War. She was an elf, who risked her life to save 300 slaves held by a brutal hobgoblin warlord named Morgon. She died in the attempt, but her death allowed the slaves to escape. In recognition of her heroic sacrifice, Corellon raised Anora to deityhood. Since then, Anora’s views on imprisonment and slavery have made her a very popular goddess among nonelves, and currently she has more nonelven worshipers than elven ones. She migrated to the major pantheon only one hundred years ago.

Dogma: Help those who are imprisoned, for their fate should be theirs to decide. Any who sell others or torment others must be stopped. Whether they are good or evil is not for you to decide, but for them.

Clergy: Anora accepts both evil and good clerics, though her evil clerics are few in number. Clerics of Anora, whether good or evil, strive to free others from bondage and servitude through mostly subtle means (since overtly destroying a prison is very bad for image.)

Temples: Anora’s main temple is located in the east end of the Twin Cities. Temples to Anora are often vandalized by worshipers of other deities, since even other chaotic gods tend to leave the rule of law alone when it suits them.

Anora, Lady of Doves

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