Character Creation

You begin play as a villager in the village of Hob’s Fall. You have had rudimentary training in a vocation (class level 1), but your destiny has not made itself manifest yet.

I will recommend the use of the d20 SRD.

Characters begin at level 1 and will eventually ascend beyond level 20.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Level adjustments are in effect. Your total character level is equal to your racial Hit Dice plus your level adjustment plus your class level1. If the creature has a “—” in its level adjustment entry, then you cannot play that creature. If your total character level is above the level of the party (beginning at level 1), either find the monster class2 or let me build one for you.

Use the standard point-buy system located on page 169 in the Dungeon Master’s Guide3. Take 32 points.

Your character can be of any race, provided it meets the above criteria. Goblinoids (goblins, hobgoblins, bugbears, etc.) and orcs are not recommended – the goblinoids will be the primary enemies of much of the campaign, and orcs are extremely rare in the world of today (though half-orcs are far more common).

Your character may be of any class4, provided it is in a D&D 3.5 book. Other books require my express approval. Specifically, the artificer (Eberron Player’s Guide) exists in significant numbers in this world as well. Any variants, alternative class features, and racial replacement levels you can find are also fine, provided they are in a D&D 3.5 book.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Many people consider certain classes (i.e. warblade, warlock, favored soul, any psionic class) to be somehow “superior” to the standard classes. They are not. Feel free to play one or not, as you desire.

You may choose any skills you like for your character, just keep in mind the cross-class penalties and the maximum skill ranks you can place in any one skill.

You may choose any feats you qualify for for your character, so long as they appear in a D&D 3.5 book.

You may equip your character only with as much as you can purchase based on the average starting gold for your character.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is NOT a low-magic campaign by any stretch of the imagination. I enjoy giving items out almost as much as you enjoy receiving them. Cool stuff will flow your way, even if it may sometimes take some time before it reaches you.

If you have a spellbook, remember to mark down which spells are contained in your book, not just which spells you have prepared. If you prepare spells, remember to prepare your spells with metamagic feats if you have them and wish to do so. If you do not prepare spells, remember that you cannot use the Quicken Spell feat, although you can use items such as the Quicken Spell metamagic rod.

1 For the purposes of this calculation, your class level may be equal to zero, so long as your race has at least two racial Hit Dice. If your race has only one racial Hit Die, this Hit Die is instead replaced by one class level.

2 If you don’t know what a monster class is, I recommend you stay away from such things. They can get needlessly complicated.

3 Take those 32 points and split them up among your six ability scores. Each ability starts at 8, and costs the following:

Score Cost Score Cost
9 1 14 6
10 2 15 8
11 3 16 10
12 4 17 13
13 5 18 16

4 If you choose to play an incarnum class, just know that you are taking on a lot of extra bookkeeping work for minimal benefit. You are not prohibited from choosing such a class (if you have the requisite book), but take it from me – it is a lot of work.

Character Creation

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