Harle Silverlake

Elf Cleric of Heironeous.
Approximate power level: Very low.

Harle is Gobrey’s mother, having found him when he was a baby in a goblin encampment. She raised him as her own, as she could not have children of her own, having taken a vow of chastity. Harle appreciates good humor, good food, and good company – and she has all of these in her son and his friends.

Harle once saved Aemaea’s life when Aemaea was only fourteen. Aemaea had been badly gored by a boar that she and her father had been hunting.

As Aemaea puts it, "She may not be a powerful priestess, but she’s done more with the little power she has than most of her fellows have done with two or three times her power.”

Harle Silverlake

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