Mialla Parnia

“No one has done more to help people than she has. Unfortunately, she has a blind spot a mile wide where her homeland is concerned.” -Lörennia Naïlo, First of the Green Arrows

“She came out of our mage’s storm like an arrow, and landed on the deck with a rush of wind and a sound like thunder. She fought a dozen of us at the same time and came out without a scratch, singing the whole way. That was when I realized it was time for a career change. Immediately.” -former Pirate of the Red Cross

Born of the union between a trumpet archon and a upper-class knight of Myrsetic, Mialla Parnia was destined for greatness and luxury from birth, and was also blessed with a musical mind and a beautiful singing voice.

Growing up, Mialla was trained at the prestigious Decuran Academy in swordplay, but she also spent equally as much time singing in downtown concert halls. Her voice was once remarked as “preternaturally pure,” even after puberty. She graduated from the Decuran Academy first in her class, having earned the rank of Captain in the Myrsetean military, but she continued singing as well, even in battle.

Over the course of several years, as her unit performed well above average in every engagement they fought, High Command took an interest in the young captain. Among reports of her inspiring her soldiers, her unparalleled bravery in the face of the enemy, and her refusal to leave a single member of her company behind, there were also eight refused promotions. High Command made the unanimous decision to promote Mialla Parnia directly to colonel, skipping over major, with no opportunity for refusal.

She resigned the next day.

While Mialla left military service, she in no way abandoned her country. Over the next fifteen years she fought evil wherever it dared rear its head within striking distance of Myrsetic. She rallied the townsfolk of Volat when a gate to the Abyss opened less than a mile away. She fought an incursion of vampires on the streets of Mirekas, the capital. In time, she became a folk heroine to the people of the country, appearing when needed and disappearing as soon as the job was done.

Then the champion of Pelor died. Names began floating around for a replacement. Mialla Parnia’s name was low on the list at first, but it gradually gained more and more traction, until eventually hers was the preeminent name on the list. When she was finally approached by the council of bishops, she could hardly say no.

At first, it was simply more of the same, just with an effectively unlimited budget and pool of talent to pull from. Gradually, however, she was pulled into the bureaucratic side of things.

During the first Barlow crisis, she was effectively paralyzed hy the bureaucracy in Pelor’s church. She had to stand by and watch as an upstart Anora, backed by a couple of minor deities, helped close the entrance to the Far Realm and seal away Barlow. Afterwards, Mialla worked on a vigorous housecleaning in the temple, eliminating as much of the bureaucracy as she could. This angered a jumber of priests, and she was eventually assassinated, this being a legal method of disagreement in Myrsetic.

Shortly after the War of the Burning Moon, a coalition of deities petitoned Kronos for a demiling champion to match Lörennia Naïlo, who had recently become a significant thorn in their side. After a review, there were only two candidates that all of the deities involved could agree on. The first, Ashlyn Velazzo, refused the honor politely, stating she was enjoying the afterlife far too much to return a second time – and had become friends with Lörennia during her previous resurrection to boot. Mialla was the second.

Quickly, Mialla Parnia was enlisted to fight against the Green Arrows in Mirekas itself, where they had recently established a new fortress. During the fight, Mialla dueled Lörennia herself, and was quickly and publically defeated. Ever since, Mialla has nursed a resentment of Lörennia.

Mialla Parnia

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