This rapier has a cutting edge as well as a thrusting point. A thin line of elven runes read “MORPHION” on the blade near the pommel. The sword seems to repel good and evil creatures alike, but only subtly.

Morphion is a +1 rapier. In addition, the wielder may use it as either a piercing or a slashing weapon, as he sees fit.

Morphion was created by the arcane trickster Anora about 550 years ago. She used the blade to great effect to defeat slavers and oppressive warlords alike. Legend has it that the blade could flow and change shape and size with Anora’s wishes. Unfortunately, in Anora’s first fight against the warlord Morgon (the father of the one who would eventually kill her), she lost and was nearly killed. Morphion disappeared, and all of Anora’s efforts could not recover the blade.

Legend has it that Morphion finally resurfaced some fifty years ago, in the service of a mysterious sellsword going only by Shadowfalcon. The legend also mentions that Shadowfalcon was able to conceal Morphion in his pocket when he brought it to assassinate the Bugbear King. Shadowfalcon was killed at the Battle of the Seven Wizards, the final battle in the Great War. The blade disappeared once more, and has not surfaced until now.


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