Sophitia Vargen


Female Human Wizard
Wife of Roland Vargen, mother of Aemaea Vargen.

Sophitia was not a very powerful wizard, but she understood its practice like few others. Building on the wisdom of the ancient masters in Arganthorn, she discovered or confirmed many fundamental theories about how magic works. Because she took pains to make her works accessible to the less-educated, she was actually quite popular among the nobles of virtually every country.

Outside of the Borderlands, she is perhaps best-known for the Vargen Conjecture, an as-yet unproven assertion that a spell, once cast, travels to its target at a (very high) rate of speed instead of simply manifesting at its target instantly. While her proof is logically impeccable, no one has yet measured its effect properly. One attempt, however, resulted in empirical proof that light does not exist everywhere simultaneously.

Within the Borderlands, unfortunately, she is the figurehead for why the Green Arrows are no longer allowed in the country. While meeting with an older Green Arrow, both were brutally murdered. The Green Arrows asserted complete control (sometimes violently) over the investigation. After six weeks, when the investigation still hadn’t gone anywhere, they finally released her now-decomposing body to her family. They had forgotten to preserve the body until given to the family, a practice common to literally every other culture except their own. Outraged, the Vargens got the backing of the Council of Lords and banned the Green Arrows from setting foot in the Borderlands.

Unfortunately, perhaps due to the state of the body, Sophitia could not be resurrected.

Sophitia Vargen

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