Lörennia Naïlo

Chosen of Anora, Champion of Anora, High Priestess of Anora, First of the Green Arrows

“She’s like a human Gatling gun. Except she’s an elf. And she shoots arrows. What’s a Gatling gun? Oh, right. Fine, she shoots real fast. Happy?”
—Dareloth, fellow hero of the War of the Burning Moon.

“The single most irritating entity I have ever had the misfortune to meet. Including her patron.”
—Lady The Honorable Mialla Parnia, paladin-skald of Heironeous.

“She is my Chosen. Even if I did not agree with all of her methods, I would not contradict her. But I agree with her completely. I could not have picked a better Chosen if I had taken a thousand years.”
Anora, Lady of Doves, Lorennia’s patron.

“There is no greater threat to the stability of this nation and its way of life. Two hundred thousand gold to the one who brings me her head!”
—Lord High Marshal Darius, commander of the Myrsetean Knights.

“If it weren’t for the First, none of us would be alive today. None of us would have a life. We would follow her anywhere, but instead she taught us to follow ourselves. There is no greater person in the Multiverse. And you think you can get me to betray her? Death first.”
—A Green Arrow, captured and interrogated by the Myrsetean Knights. Later died under interrogation.

Lorennia Nailo is perhaps the most polarizing figure in modern days, excepting possibly Anora. She is often seen as a folk heroine, dealing the Establishment blow after blow, slipping back into the shadows unnoticed, and evading any attempts at pursuit. The reality is a little different, as she cares little for how others perceive her.

She was born to an elven couple living in the Eastland forests, but around her fortieth birthday (equivalent to the human age of 6) she was captured and enslaved, moved across the width and breadth of the continent, and finally ended up in the Dragon Plains. There, on her 160th birthday, after well over a century in slavery, she was liberated by the newly risen Anora, who offered her the chance to become her Chosen. Instead of jumping at the chance, she stated her terms. Anora, being the goddess of free will – and liking the terms themselves – accepted. Those terms essentially placed Lorennia outside of any normal church hierarchy, allowed her to create her own group of followers (similar to an order of paladins), and put her in a position to help shape Anora’s faith and policies. This last was unprecedented in the history of the Multiverse. Instead of merely being the hand (or slave, in some cases) of a god, Lorennia became Anora’s trusted adviser, friend, and confidante. The two have worked together in a way never before seen in the history of the Multiverse – and given that their enemies include virtually everyone else of power in that same Multiverse, it has been a blessing.

Lorennia established her first Green Arrow base/fortress in the wilds near the Dragon Plains, in order to harry the dragonspawn that used up slaves like cattle. It was around this time that she began the second base/fortress in the Twin Cities (her home base today) to constrict the flow of slaves through there. Through a convenient trick of geography, there are only three other ways out of the Eastlands for slavers – through the frozen north to the goblin lands (an incredibly dangerous proposition with little chance of a return on investment), through the Emerald Pass to the Borderlands (which has outlawed slavery for decades) and over sea routes to the south and east (where pirates frequently ply their trade). Hence, the vast majority of the slave trade passes through the Twin Cities even now.

Upon returning from the Twin Cities, however, Lorennia found herself enmeshed in a conflict beyond her imagining. Sending a small group of adventurers to investigate the disappearance of a half-dozen Green Arrows, she inadvertently triggered the destruction of the Ruby Heart, one of five such objects guarding the portal to the Far Realm (which, ironically, Anora in her mortal years had been instrumental in creating). This would not have been too much of a problem, since the first Green Arrow fortress guarded the Emerald Heart and only one gemheart had to survive in order to keep the portal sealed – but an assault was launched shortly thereafter against the fortress, and the Emerald Heart was destroyed in the fighting.

After evacuating the remnants of her original Green Arrows to her remaining fortress in the Twin Cities (West), she returned to aid those same heroes in the remainder of the War of the Burning Moon. During the war, Anora’s high priest was killed by the lord of corruption, Barlow. In a reversal of its earlier policy, the priests chose to follow Lorennia instead of electing a new high priest. Lorennia refused, but as the priests still (to this day) refuse to elect someone else, she is technically the high priestess of Anora as well as her champion. Upon the completion of the war, the overgod Kronos attempted to bestow godhood upon her, but she declined it, preferring the life she had to one in which her partnership with Anora would be irrevocably changed. Kronos instead granted her the abilities of a demiling, the first such creature since the First Era.

Lorennia took part in the Great War, in defense of the Twin Cities, but when the human defenders betrayed the elven ones and surrendered, the Green Arrow Fortress held secure, a pinpoint of resistance in a sea of capitulation. Because she had to remain in the fortress at all times or risk her people being massacred, this effectively removed her from the war.

To this day, Lorennia remains a staunch opponent of slavery. She is a blunt opponent, prone to direct speech and action. She has little patience for politics and power games, though she can play these with skill if she puts her mind to it. She prefers the wilderness to more urban settings.

Lorennia is noted for her incredible speed, agility, and perception. She has been clocked running at about 40 miles per hour, and has been known to snatch arrows out of the air while blindfolded. One of her favorite intimidation tactics is to deliberately blindfold herself before fighting a duel (which she always wins).

Lörennia Naïlo

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