Once a dwarven settlement, the dwarves of the Mithral Claw fashioned the entrance to their city into a large stone hand facing upwards, hence the name. According to legend, however, the dwarves dug a long stair into the earth, disturbing some shadowy entity. The dwarves supposedly sacrificed themselves to seal it away again. A shadowy organization, known only as the Foundation, owns the city now. No one is allowed in, save those the organization chooses to recruit.

While technically found in the Borderlands (less than two days’ walk from Home, in fact), the Mithral Claw and the Foundation are not part of any nation, so far as anyone can tell. Certainly, the Border Legion officially regards the Foundation as a neutral power.

The Mithral Claw is perhaps the best-defended fortress in the Multiverse. Armies, even extraplanar armies full of demons or angels, have attacked the Mithral Claw to force their way inside. None have penetrated so much as the front door. Survivors speak of bizarre storms, unusual weapons, and unfathomable power being deployed in the fortress’ defense.

Perhaps the most unusual part of the Mithral Claw legend was during the Great War. While passing by with his army on the way to attack the Twin Cities, legend has it that Tulak Azuri was allowed inside, but he does not speak of what he found inside, nor did he bring anything out.

Agents of the Foundation are often seen across the Multiverse, although recognizing them is difficult because they carry no identifying marks. Any time an unusual event takes place, however, agents of the Foundation are usually close at hand.


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