Project Long Stair

The Long Stair is a myth found in many disparate cultures across the Multiverse. There are a few unifying characteristics:

  1. Regardless of where the myth is found, the Long Stair always leads down.
  2. Where the Long Stair leads to is never specified.
  3. With one exception, areas with a Long Stair myth do not actually contain an entrance to the Underdark.

Some sages theorize that the Long Stair leads to a sort of under-Underdark, where things even stranger than mind flayers and aboleths live. Others dismiss this as nonsense, claiming that no hard proof exists that any of these supposed “long staircases” exist, much less lead to a place that no one has ever seen creatures from.

Confirmed Long Stair myths exist in the Mithral Claw, Tulvarton, and Volat.

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Project Long Stair

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