The Green Arrows

Established shortly before the War of the Burning Moon, the Green Arrows are a comparatively young organization established by Lörennia Naïlo.

Goals and Aims

The primary goal of the Green Arrows is to eliminate slavery from the Multiverse. While they readily admit that such a goal is almost impossible, every single one also believes in its inevitability.

While it has been kept secret, the secondary goal of the Green Arrows is to obtain and subsequently destroy a series of artifacts created as healing tools but almost exclusively used as torture implements.

Other goals have been claimed, but are usually denied, including the abolishment of imprisonment of any kind, ending the teaching of the school of Enchantment, and forbidding the discipline of Telepathy. All of these have been claimed by known opponents of the Green Arrows, so their motives may be suspect.


The Green Arrows are extraordinarily careful with those they recruit, vastly preferring those who have been slaves over anyone else. Even afterwards, the prospective Green Arrows must prove their mastery of archery and unarmed combat. Lörennia Naïlo has final authority over who is allowed to become a Green Arrow. Finally, there is a ceremony, from which not everyone survives and those who do are forever changed.


This is perhaps the oddest part of the Green Arrows. While Lörennia Naïlo is known as the First, and often as the mentor to most Green Arrows, she has repeatedly stated that she does not control them in any way. On several instances, this has been partially borne out by observations of Lörennia acting under the direct orders of another Green Arrow, though a different one each time. One discounted incident even had her obeying the orders of a recent recruit.

It gets even more confusing when Lörennia is removed from the equation. The assignment of leadership seems apparently random or utterly meaningless. In the short war Myrsetic fought against the Green Arrows, the apparent coordinator of the war effort was killed by a sniper. Within seconds, one of the other Green Arrows nearby assumed command and, more notably, was completely unopposed. This has been observed in numerous instances since. Several observers have even seen command transferred seamlessly between individuals at different times during a mission, with or without any prompting.

The only explanation that a Green Arrow will give for this behavior is that they have a “consensus”, which is somewhat less than helpful. When pressed, they only claim that their questioners “wouldn’t understand”.

Modus Operandi

When entering a new area, the Green Arrows quietly buy up an entire city block, although various legal challenges have shown they always employ legal methods for the city they are in. Once the city block has been purchased, construction takes approximately one full night. Magic is clearly involved, although no one outside the Green Arrows knows exactly what goes on. By the next morning, the Green Arrows are firmly entrenched within the city. Mass armed assaults are repelled with overwhelming force, while peaceful protests are never touched. After about six more months, during which the fortress becomes accepted as fact in the minds of the people, the fortress begins operations with an open letter, delivered to every important personage in the city declaring slavery now to be illegal within the city. The first six months of operations are carried out with minimal inflicted casualties, and then the executions of violent slaveowners begin.

When fighting, a Green Arrow task force is typically a fourth the size of their opponents or smaller. They are, however, incredibly coordinated, highly trained, and literally wrote the book on guerilla tactics. Their patience is legendary – one Green Arrow literally waited in a tree for days while a Myrsetean army rolled past her before unleashing a carefully coordinated barrage of arrows, decapitating the army’s leadership and messengers just before four small teams attacked simultaneously from four different sides, throwing the army completely into chaos and eventually routing it into a carefully prepared ambush. The army suffered 95% casualties, while the Green Arrows suffered only four – one of whom was the patient one that began the slaughter.

Bases of Operation

The first Green Arrow Fortress lies in ruins, destroyed shortly before the climax of the War of the Burning Moon. Today the location is merely part of the Barovian Wasteland. The little that remains of the fort is rumored to be housed in the fortress on the west side of the Twin Cities, which is the second fort, and their rumored headquarters.

Other fortresses are scattered throughout the Shining South, plus a couple on the Southern Continent, a few in the West, and a rumored couple in the North.

The Green Arrows

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