Tulak Azuri

The Firelord, Heir of Hob the Goblin

“Possibly the greatest threat to the continued safety of the world as we know it. His crusade to “unite” the world must never be allowed to happen."
—Lady The Honorable Mialla Parnia

“It’s sad, really. At heart, there’s a decent person living inside him. Or at least there was. He threw off Barlow’s influence all by himself. Why can’t he stop this madness?”
Lörennia Naïlo, First of the Green Arrows

The son of Azurian, an incredibly ancient red dragon, Tulak Azuri first surfaced during the War of the Burning Moon, as the husband of Ventriklava, a servant of the lord of corruption, Barlow. Originally, he was noted as skeptical of Barlow’s intentions, but later he is recorded as carrying out the majority of the massacre at Saltmarsh, even joyfully. The death of his wife, however, hit him hard, and he began to question his faith. Barlow left him to slow down the adventurers following.

It was then, stranded on another planet literally unimaginable distances from his home, that he came to terms with himself. He helped the inhabitants fight off the invasion that Barlow had begun, and when the adventurers finally arrived, he opened a portal directly onto Barlow’s home plane, literally five minutes’ walk from Barlow himself.

After the war, however, something changed. He became withdrawn, contemplative, and irritable. Finally, he lashed out, took control of the majority of the goblin and hobgoblin tribes, and invaded the southern lands. This was the Great War.

Although the war began as a complete surprise, the others quickly rallied. They found, however, that he had gained significant power from somewhere, and none could stand before him. It is theorized that Tulak Azuri was granted his demiling status by Tiamat, though that is only speculation. When Tulak Azuri moved to conquer the elven lands, he was confronted by the Seven, who managed to seal him away at the cost of their lives. The glade where the battle was fought remains charred to this day.

Until now, it was thought Tulak Azuri was entombed somewhere deep beneath the earth where no one would find him for a long time.

Tulak Azuri named himself the Lord of Fire, a title none dispute due to his habit of setting noncombustible things such as stone walls and water alight. There is no greater master of fire, either living or dead, save gods.

Tulak Azuri

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