Tulvarton is a small, sleepy town in the Borderlands. It has the honor of being the oldest surviving town there as well, dating from shortly before the destruction of Arganthorn.

The location of Tulvarton is a bit unusual, given that it lies on no trade routes or rivers. Also, several miles east of town is a large hill, which would have provided some level of natural protection to the village instead of the shallow bowl it was built into.

Tulvarton is primarily a farming village, and the village proper reflects this. There are only five major structures in Tulvarton proper: the inn, the Border Legion outpost, the town hall, the market area (really just a large patch of dirt), and the Tulvarton Library. The ruins of the Tulvarton orphanage are to the southwest of town.

While the storage of knowledge most definitely takes place at the library, the Tulvarton Librarians are really more an order of warrior-monks than anything resembling “proper” librarians. Even the common people of Tulvarton know very little about the Library – although it must be said that most of them are completely disinterested in any case. Some very strange powers have been attributed to the Librarians, including the ability to walk on ceilings and to shift between planes on a moment’s notice. One particularly persistent rumor claims that the Tulvarton Library is connected to some nameless illithid empire via a long stair, despite there being no evidence for it whatsoever.

The last notable thing to happen in Tulvarton was the burning of its orphanage, from which only Pyrus Anchleo survived. The only other thing notable about the town in recent years is its surrender to the Border Legion during the creation of the Borderlands. No other town surrendered without a fight, and only one other town (The Bend) surrendered at all. Every other town ended up having to be burned to the ground. Thus, most of the goblinoids still living in the Borderlands are from Tulvarton, and have lived there since before the Great War.


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