Aemaea Vargen

Human Ranger.
Silvered Knight of the Border Legion.

Aemaea Vargen is the daughter of Roland Vargen, a Lord of the Border Legion and commander of the Diamond Fortress, and Sophitia Vargen. Aemaea has spent her entire life around the Diamond Pass and the Borderlands, and she fights with impressive tenacity to defend her home.

When Aemaea was only fourteen, she was badly gored by a boar that she and her father were hunting. Harle Silverlake was lucky enough to be nearby, and saved her life. Although this played no direct role in Aemaea’s choosing to return to Hob’s Fall once a year, it certainly didn’t hurt.

Aemaea is blunt, direct, uncompromising, and a staunch enemy of the hobgoblins.

Aemaea Vargen

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