The Harriithlàsi are a small clan of stone giants located not far north of the Borderlands. They keep to themselves almost exclusively. They are master smiths and generally peaceful. Their low birth rates and insular nature leads many to think the clan will disappear entirely in another few centuries.

During the Great War, the Harriithlàsi were obliged to join Tulak Azuri’s forces early on to avoid destruction by the neighboring giant clans. The few warriors they sent to battle were greatly feared by their enemies, but it was their weapons and armor, so superior to most of goblin- and giantkind’s craftsmanship, that are largely remembered today. Kalnal the Unyielding’s spiked ultra-heavy platemail, Serrod Derrida’s mercurial greatsword, even Streeph Nypurbur’s assassination blade, all were crafted by the master smiths of the Harriithlàsi. But their greatest creation by far was Zarlaska, Tulak Azuri’s staff. This was the staff he used to turn the stone walls of the city of Seimôs to ash.

After Tulak Azuri was defeated, the Harriithlàsi continued as before, with their neighbors slowly choking the life out of their clan. This led to their High Smith (chieftain), Rog, to return to Tulak Azuri’s service upon his return, hoping he would again restore peace to their region.

The Harriithlàsi Mastercraft weapons and armor have a well-deserved place on any battlefield, but are much more rare than normal masterwork items, even out of the Harriithlàsi enclave.


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