Harriithlàsi Mastercraft

Created by a master smith in the Harriithlàsi stone giant clan, these are widely recognized as the finest weapons and armor available.

Can only be applied to weapons and armor made entirely out of metal, although the Harriithlàsi have been known to make steel versions of typically wooden items. These items can be made out of any metallic special material, such as silver, cold iron, mithral, or adamantine, but the material must be paid for separately.

A Harriithlàsi Mastercraft item has + 1 hardness and + 10% hit points over a normal item of its kind and material. Spells cast on the item last 1 round longer than usual, and enchantments cost 1% less gold (but the same amount of XP) to plkace on the weapon.

Usually, a Harriithlàsi Mastercraft item is sold for 500 gp more than a normal masterwork item of its kind and material.

Harriithlàsi Mastercraft

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