The Dark Forest

At the beginning of the First Era, there was Arganthorn, the greatest city ever known. Arganthorn did not simply rival other legendary cities like the City of Brass or Sigil, it was orders of magnitude greater. Arganthorn was the center of everything from expeditions to discover the legendary Well of the World to attempts to colonize the Southern Continent to the source of the Blue Ships that tried to sail around the world – which would have made it, save they forgot to sacrifice to Varuna, Elemental Goddess of Water, and she overturned the fleet just east of the Continent.

Alas, it was not to last.

Treacherous goblins, led by the most treacherous of all named Hob, burned the city from the inside in a single night. When the temples were destroyed, the city began to sink itself into the swamp from which it had been built. The wide, lazy river servicing the city was permanently fouled, and the land around Arganthorn gained an evil reputation that has only grown since. The trees that grew over the ruined city were bent and twisted, and let no light touch the forest floor.

This is the Dark Forest.

The Dark Forest is guarded by the legendary Klg’dk, a monster of such hideous proportions that those who survive its wrath and see its hideous form end up either committing suicide, or are drooling idiots for the rest of their days, or, as is most common…both. No description of the Klg’dk has ever been circulated, even by fakirs trying to earn a gold piece. The gods themselves have been strangely silent on the matter.

The Dark Forest

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